The post Doke era

  • What we saw:

    No David McCormack. The board rats thinking a quick team like TCU means he’s not playing anyways. IDK.

    OAg with a nice debut. Didn’t try to get greedy after early success. Seems pretty level headed.

    Speaking of level headed Vick aint. He’s fortunate he didn’t get T-d up after slapping the ball out of TCU guys hands during a dead ball.

    Lawson- Marvelous! His brother too had some nice minutes. Very used to seeing this from DLaw.

    We played with a lot of energy tonight leading to a bunch of steals. That probably won the game for us. 20 TO’s for TCU is hard to survive as we found out recently.

    Some Grime grumbling tonight. I understand, but he’ll be fine. Not sure he’s going pro anymore after this year and he’ll help this program a lot in the future.

    DeDot had an off night shooting, but still contributed in other ways.

    Garrett is proof you can earn time without a verifiable offensive game. His defense is indispensible to this team.

    At Baylor is always fun to make fun of their coach and pull out another win. Let’s get this rolling in the right direction!

  • I’m PUMPED!

    It had become apparent that in the old paradigm, we were never going to reach the potential we thought we had before the season.

    Blow that all up! We didn’t play a great game but we played hard. We shot half their 3pt% and we still won! The guys passed well, disrupted passing lanes, Dedric was loose on O, and OA looked like a vet.

    My faith is reborn!

  • Nice write teach!👨🏻🏫

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Nice write teach!👨🏻🏫

    Thanks. Were u at the game?

  • @wissox no, son was there.

  • You know Vick didn’t use to have these kind of problems with the ball , but I agree - -these games a lot this year he is just way to loose - - not thinking - -taking care of the ball - -it’s beyond crazy.

    Like you also say KJ had some good minutes when he was in , nice hustle People talking or commenting about how they didn’t want him on the floor. - My only comment was/is that I’m not saying that they were right or wrong , my only point I tried to point out was - -we really hadn’t seen enough of KJ to really make that determination - he had only been on the floor very limited minutes to make that call. now me and it’s just my opinion , I personally like KJ. I made mention from his previous time at Memphis he had done fairly well - -put up some pretty decent numbers had posted like over 8 rebs a game in extended minutes and was double digit scorer while there - he just hasn’t had extended minutes here , so I was not willing to just say keep him off the floor. - we shall see , kind of odd that last night he did get a few more minutes and did a decent job , I really didn’t see he did anything where I’d yank him out and bury him on the bench. - -Hell actually at THIS point I’d be giving him some of Vick’s minutes these wouldn’t effect Garrett or Ochai minutes - we will see I reckon

    Agree again McCormick only 1 minutes last night - but from what I heard in post game it was more because of match up game conditions last night. - I was a little worried he buried on the bench when it sounded like he would be more involved and then last night. - Yet Coach said it was simply because of Game conditions.- -Sounds like against Baylor we might be running 2 bigs and Dave will be playing more. - -Coach said something to the effect of Baylor playing that way. - -We shall see. ’ ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It’s interesting they mentioned matchups as the reason that Big Dave didn’t play much. Wouldn’t he have matched up better with the TCU big guy? He had his way with us down low for a large part of the minutes he played.

  • @Hawk8086 Yeah it might have been nice to see a little more defense down there.

    @Jayballer54 Nice post!

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