The Ladies

  • Just finished listening to the ladies. - -Done Really well in non con - -finished 10-1. They just got done total domination of Vermont - -77-36. – - -after the 1st quarter today - -the ladies went on a 61-15 run to very late in the 4th quarter - -largest lead was 77-27 with 2:17 to go in the game - -finished a little sloppy the final 2:17 but the reserves were in.

    Now it starts for real for the ladies. -got a really big game right off the bat against Iowa State -I think they will be better for sur - -he has come a long way - finally getting many of the type players he wants - -took some time but he getting there - -we shall see - -wishing him Good Luck. — ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The women played a very soft nonconference schedule. They have yet to play an RPI top 75 team. LSU at 76 is their best win. Their SOS is in the 160’s which is really low among other P5 teams with similar records.

    Basically, this group has to actually show they can win in the B12 because they did this last year going 9-2 in nonconference and then only going 3-15 in league play. If Schneider doesn’t get this team to the NCAA tournament this year, he needs to be gone because he’s been about as bad as Beaty in Big 12 play. KU is 5-49 in Big 12 play under Schneider which is 9%. His seat is just as hot as Beaty’s was.

  • Very supportive of coach and his players.

  • @Gunman God forbid I’m skeptical of this team being able to do much in B12 play considering the past 3 years after they’ve had good nonconference records the past 2.

  • As far as I’m concerned - - I by far am not saying they are going to be gang busters - -BUT they are improved - can’t deny that

    . Accordin to Her Hoops Stats: - - KU is ranked 45th out of 351 teams in the over all ratings. - -All but 1 in the Big 12 is ranked inside the top 82 - -KU has 3 wins out of 4 inside the top 80, defeating # 41 - - -LSU - - -# 47 North Western - - -& # 80 - -Washington State/ - -True I mean that isn’t earth shattering - -BUT - - I’ll tell you what it is - - It is IMPROVEMENT - -that’s what it is - 3-4 years ago - -we ( KU ) wouldn’t of sniffed beating those teams regardless were they ranked - -we would of been lucky to challenge teams ranked 104th little lone these 3 teams.

    Coach didn’t really inherit a lot when he came in either. - You have to learn to crawl before you can walk - -this is called progress - not as fast as some want but IT IS progress.

    Coach is starting to have better recruiting Class - -better players , how will this turn out on the court ? - -who knows - but I’ll bet you it’s better then seasons past that’s for sure - -this progress may not be fast enough for some but we ARE getting better - - if anyone is mis guided enough to think we will ever be some power house or seriously even challenge the Baylor’s - -The Longhorns for the title then your just Wrong that’s not going to happen - least not in my life time - -BUT they will do is they will challenge these others and be very competitive that’s for sure. we have to back these ladies - not be Negative Nellies and talking crap on them all the time - - support that’s what it’s REALLY about. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I can still support the women while being skeptical what they’ll accomplish this season. Not much different than football.

    It doesn’t take nearly as long to turn around a basketball team as it does a football program and Schneider chose a route that is not the best. He went with a lot of transfers from other P5 programs. Just like in football, very few of those transfers have panned out as expected it’s hurt the program.

    I don’t hold the women to same standard as the men because they don’t have that history. But Schneider has yet to even sniff the postseason and if he doesn’t make the NCAA tournament this year, it’ll need to be time to move on from him.

    I’ll also say the same thing about baseball. Ritch Price has been here far too long for how little he’s accomplished on the field. Price has only finished in the top half of the B12 three times in 16 years. They’ve also been especially bad over the past 4 seasons with only one winning season.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Jessica Washington injury last year cost the team several victories.

  • @Gunman The women only lost by single digits 3 times last year in Big 12 play and one of those was a 9 point loss. Washington’s injury didn’t have that big an impact on their record. 10 of their losses were 15+ points with several by 30+. You’re kidding yourself if think Jessica Washington’s injury would’ve made a significant difference in KU’s record last year. 3 wins at best is what she probably would’ve changed, probably 2, which still is a crappy season.

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