An open letter to ISU fan

  • Dear ISU fan(s),

    I am writing you this letter to let you know that yes you beat KU in the Big12 tournament. Good for you. Sure it wasn’t a pretty game by us, not sure we were all in though either. Our quest was to break the tie vs Oklahoma St., after all that Marcus Smart talk aobut us wanting to cut down their nets.

    Yes ISU fan you won the Big12 tournament. YOu did not break our steak of winning the Big12 like so many of you are talking about. YOu won the tournament, we have won the league 10 straight years.

    OK you beat us, finally!!! Kansas leads the all-time series with Iowa State 175-60, dating back to 1908, and has won five-straight and 18 of the last 20 meetings. ISU’s last win was Jan. 28, 2012, 72-64 in Hilton Coliseum. Since the inception of the Big 12, Kansas is 31-9 against Iowa State with a 28-9 record in regular-season play and a 3-1 mark in the Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship. Kansas head coach Bill Self is 21-4 all-time versus Iowa State, including 20-4 while at KU, while ISU’s Fred Hoiberg is 2-8 all-time against KU.

    OK so now that you saw that you can understand why when you try to talk trash to me I don’t care about your school, your program or your coach. I would point out scoreboard over and over and yet all you can hang your hat on is one game. Want to go one game last year you lost at home and you had a fan come after our coach, you had drunken idiot fans threaten to shoot at the bus and used racial slurs. Classy ISU, classy.

    I have never held anything against you, thought ISU made a good hire in ol Fred, but will they be able to keep him out of the NBA? Does ISU have enough money to pay the local hero to stay? Or will the Timberwolves hire him away? Oh you hadn’t thought about that uh? I have never had anything bad to say, but I am sure like Kstate and Missouri you will make a DVD about this season and spend most of the time highlighting one win over Kansas instead of the whole season. By the way KU only puts those out when they win National Titles, oh you don’t know what that is, sorry.

    OK so now I’ve cleared my mind and am at ease that hopefully you understand why I am ignoring you and your non-sense about being so great with just one victory over Kansas in well damnit that stats are up there go a head and re-read them.

    Sincerely annoyed, JRyman

  • @JRyman I’ve never been to Hilton Cowaseum, but I’m pretty sure they have a similar banner to the one hanging in the Octagon of Gloom:

    Remember That Time We Beat KU?

    To echo your sentiments. Good for them. Beating KU will be the one thing that most ISU fans will remember for the rest of their lives. Their top graduates will remind us of it every time we drive through Taco Bell.

  • @nuleafjhawk A friend took their daughter up to ISU for a college visit, she’s a respectful looking girl and all the guys kept moooooing at her. Finally they asked why that was happening she isn’t fat. Their tour guy said that’s the main pick up line here at ISU.

  • @JRyman wow, hope she ran away from there! My question is are we still going to be everyone’s Super Bowl?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Is a frog’s butt waterproof? I don’t know either but I’m taking an expert’s advice on this one !! …And the answer is a resounding yes.

  • @JRyman In terms of dumb fan bases, Iowa St. is right up there with K-State and Mizery. I’ve met a lot of ISU fans, and they’re all pretty respectful, but like most they’re fairly ignorant. As soon as they won yesterday, they anointed themselves “Big 12 Champs.” That’s cute. A friend of mine who is an ISU alum was the first to throw that one my way, to which I promptly replied, “You’re not the champs, you finished in fourth place. Remember :)”

    I’ve known several ISU fans. I remember an ISU alum trying to talk shit on KU once. It was funny, I told him “In your four years at ISU, KU won the Big 12 every time, beat ISU all but once, went to two Final Fours, won a national championship, and oh ya, won the Orange Bowl. Some of KU’s best years were at your school’s expense.”

    This is where ISU fans are like Mizery and K-State turds. You can DROWN them in numbers, stats, reasons, justifications, etc. and like weeds, they keep coming back.

    But that’s ok. Let them have their fun. This is the pinnacle of success for them. ISU could lose in the first round to some nobody school, and they would be fine with having beat KU once. That’s who they are. A joke.

  • ISU could lose in the first round to some nobody school, and they would be fine with having beat KU once

    @MoonwalkMafia Like Mizzlose did as a two seed their last year in the Big12? yeah and they will probably suffer the same fate. After all these players leave due to graduation or early due to the NBA what will they have left? They have no bench, he hasn’t built it up with freshman cause he has been pulling in transfers. Great for short term, what about long term? Or is ol Fred going to the NBA now that he has had some success? Is he using his Alma matter as a stepping stone?

  • @JRyman Personally I don’t see Hoiberg going to the NBA anytime soon. Wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t see it happening.

    As for next year, year in year out, I expect ISU to fall off. They’ll lose Ejim and Kane this year, but they still have some nice pieces in place. And Hoiberg will probably bring in some nice transfer pieces as always. I don’t think ISU is going anywhere.

  • @MoonwalkMafia I was just getting ready to post the same sentiment. Yes, they lose their 2 best players but will still have Niang, Long, Hogue, Morris, and Thomas. Morris was player of the year in Michigan last year and you could see him get better and better as the year went by. Niang ate our lunch Friday. Thomas could turn into a dangerous, consistent 3 pt. threat. Long and Hogue are good. It wouldn’t surprise me if they get a transfer or 2. Hoiberg is a good coach. I agree…they are not going anywhere. The Custer kid from Kansas state champs will be there next year. Anyone know what the feeling is about how good he will be at ISU?

  • I don’t get why you’re annoyed by ISU fans. Who cares? They’re happy, they beat a great program. It’s a way of showing us respect by thumping their chest when they beat us. Why insult them? They’re part of our league, I hope they make a deep run into the tourney with us as well obviously.

    Every team in the United States has idiot fans. Come to my daughters soccer games for proof. But the majority of fans of every team are like you, like me. They want to see their team do well, nothing more, nothing less. We don’t wish ill on our opponents. Sure there’s some good natured banter sometimes. Just let it go man, life’s too short!

  • @MoonwalkMafia I do think osu will go pretty far, they’re not just a 3 pt shooting team.

  • @wissoxfan83

    You make good points. ISU fans in general have been pretty decent and they have always come in droves to KC for the tournament since the Big 8 days. KU has by far the most fans at the tournament but ISU is usually second,

    What I have noticed lately is that a lot of their fans have become a little to full of themselves in the last couple of years and they have been taken the spotlight. In the past, other than the Pfizer-Tinsley team of 2000, they really have not quite “been there before” and they certainly don’t know how to handle their new found success. Beating KU has certainly exacerbated their, shall we say…“enthusiasm.”

    Hoiberg is a very good coach and his “live by the 3, die by the 3” strategy is by and large working; it certainly did Friday. although their penetration was equally effective. I wonder how they are going to fare if they make it to the Final Four and have to play in the huge arena where many shooters have problems with the different depth of field. He certainly has been able to spot quality players and bring them to ISU; I am not sure if the transfer strategy is sustainable long term…but then, I am not sure if the one and done strategy is either.

  • @JRyman I heard the main line in Manhattan is " You don’t sweat much for a fat girl."

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