Big 12 ou fb

  • I was hoping ou would give them a game.

  • OU never had a chance in this game. Bama and Clemson are just on totally different levels.

  • Bama’s defensive line is too good, OU may not score til very late and obviously their defense has been laughable all season. Bama 45 OU 7

  • Oklahoma getting shown up bad - -about to become 28-o Bama taking over in OU territory - -think about it for a minute - - WE put up 40 on Oklahoma - -thinking what Bama can do. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • This hurts the B12 going forward, they probably wont get a team in for a few seasons now. But who know Notre Dame has been stomped twice now.

  • Not looking good for OU, but the game isn’t over

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