Where does Les Miles rank among the best coaches?

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    I thought I would throw some more fuel on the Football Fire we have started here. I am a HUGE believer that you can not have a successful sports team without a great coach. I expect great things from KU next year!

    I like to think that most of us here at Buckets have criticized Coach Self for his coaching style and how he keeps his freshmen on a short leash. I remember reading posts about how he doesn’t let freshmen play through their mistakes. I remember us all pissing our pants over him keeping Udoka in during the Poke a Doke scandal. Just like here at KU we expect our basketball team to play for a national championship every year. Do you remember the desperation when KU lost 3 straight a few years ago? Remember how frustrated our fan base was when Roy could not bring our basketball team a NCAA championship? The change in scenery for old Roy was good for 2 rings.

    Now as for the change in scenery for Coach Miles. There is not a coach in our conference who can out coach him IMO. I looked at OU on 247 sports and they have quite a class this year. Coach Miles has his work cut out for him but lets not forget about the fact that he can coach. Coach Self has been outcoached many times by the likes of VCU and others with a les talented roster.

    Get ready to enjoy KU Football while we are lucky enough to have one of the greats leading the way! Buy your tickets and get out to a game while it lasts! I know I will!

  • Coaches are critically important at the college level because even if you have a great player, they won’t be there for very long. Gene Chizik is perhaps the greatest example of this, going 24-38 without Cam Newton, but a perfect 14-0 for a national title with Cam. Chizik was/is a mediocre coach, but had one great player. Without him, he proved to be mediocre, despite owning a national title.

    A great coach builds continuity (and a recruiting advantage) year over year.

  • Our past 3 coaches could not have brought in the top notch assistant coaches he is bringing in either. I am waiting for the first of the 4-5 star recruits to start trending to KU. At LSU he consistently had 10 recruits in the top 200. Lets just hope he can produce those kind of numbers here? His coaching staff is excited about recruiting so I have to believe that they think KU can recruit at a high level. I live in TX and lets just say KU and Les Miles is being heard loud and clear! Everyone in my town has asked me what I think? They would prefer that KU stay away from TX kids or should I say Miles stay out of TX…

  • New REAL Coach, Stadium Improvements and lots of new able recruits. Sounds like KU is taking Football more seriously. and GET US OUT of the BIG 12. Who wants to be dominated by Texas anymore.

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