• I feel bad for Perry Ellis, The Impaler. When a guy goes 11-12 from the field and hangs 30 points on the stat sheet, you expect him to be the player of the game on the winning team. Perry was the player of the game for both teams, unfortunately he didn’t get to celebrate on the winning team.

    Perry also snagged 7 rebounds and had an assist.

    I guess the only question is… why didn’t Perry shoot more? Why didn’t we run plays and sets specifically to take better advantage of his hot hand? I felt like Perry could have easily gone for 40+. ISU’s weakness is they can’t guard bigs. They did do a better job of trapping Perry in the second half.

    Our biggest issue in this game was perimeter defense. ISU shot 57.9% from 3. It is almost impossible to beat a team owning that stat!

    Perry will just have to go out and put another performance in like this one next time… and hopefully we can celebrate a victory to go along with his awesome play!

    Conference Season Tally:

    Andrew Wiggins 8

    Wayne Selden 7

    Joel Embiid 6

    Tarik Black 5

    Perry Ellis 5

    Naadir Tharpe 4

    Frank Mason 2

    Brannen Greene 1

    Landen Lucas 1

    Conner Frankamp 1

    Jamari Traylor 1

    Andrew White III 1

    Justin Wesley 1

    Evan Manning 1

    Niko Roberts 1

    Christian Garrett 1

  • Okay… it worked to change Perry’s identity to “The Impaler.” So I brought back his graphic one more time!


  • @drgnslayr

    The Impaler it is.

    One more thing: this team’s three point shooting is very weak. Perry is the only guys with a decent 3pt shot. He is 8-16 for 50%. It is time to let Perry take over the trey shooting until he shows he is worse than the other perimeter shooters. Period.

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