Thanksgiving on the border

  • This Thanksgiving I will think about the American troops missing their families, sitting at the Mexican border doing nothing, because of Donald Trump’s stupid political agenda.

  • Sad realization is that it’s seems our troops have been out on someone’s political agenda since Vietnam. I don’t always agreed with the task they have but will always support our service men and women.

  • @kjayhawks it is dangerous to lump all our deployments together. This one is particularly useless and political. The day after the midterms Mattis renamed the operation “Faithful Patriot” to “Border Support”. The troops aren’t allowed to apprehend people like border patrol. So we are spending $210 million for 5000 troops to lay barbed wire and stay away from their families until Christmas. Just assenine.

  • @approxinfinity I agree. It’s defiantly an interesting deal, I don’t think the troops should be there but I also don’t think that just letting people come and go as they please like dems want is smart either. I’m never afraid to admit that, I don’t have all the answers or know whats the best thing to do.

  • A little food for thought:

    Most immigration to the U.S. actually comes from Asia now - primarily India and China, but other places as well.

    Many of the “illegal” immigrants in the country were actually once “legal” immigrants. They are now here because they have either overstayed their work or student visa, or have not met the conditions to have their visa renewed.

    Asylum seekers are a different category than regular immigrants. Lumping them together is lazy because they come to this country under different programs and must meet different requirements.

    I’m not going to try to dive into all of the politics of it because immigration and asylum are complex things.

    I will note that just because Democrats don’t support a border wall doesn’t mean open borders. Did you know that Mexico actually has had a negative immigration rate with the U.S. over the past few years. That means more people went from the U.S. to Mexico than from Mexico to the U.S.

    Just a few items to think about while you sit on the couch in a food coma over the next few days.

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