Living in Omaha...ahhhh

  • So I watch pregame on ESPNU then right before tip off they send it over to the LSU v Kentucky game.

    I look at the channel guide and it says Big12 semi final game Iowa st v Kansas. But no go.

    I look at the local Big12 network channel which is the CW and no sports there either.

    I watched the game on an iPad. That’s when it wasn’t overwhelmed by the number of people watching the game.

    Omaha has a large Kansas fan base and a lot of KU alum. How does cox cable the big12 and espn do this?

    I blame the Huskers for running off to the big10.

    That added a lot to my frustration of the game.

  • @JRyman I’m in central ks, and cox cable said it was on espnu, but wasn’t. It was on fox sports.

  • Foxsports1 had big east or something like that. Foxmidwest had some nobody turny.

    Overall I was pissed

  • @JRyman don’t blame you! I’m just pissed, period! I do think we played the best team last pm. Anxious to see if ISU can hit like they did tonight, tomorrow .

  • I’d be upset if I was an ISU fan too. Omaha is just across the river from the state of Iowa! I really hate it when these networks make these harebraned decisions. Alas, I live in SEC country, but got to watch the KU game on ESPNU!

  • @wissoxfan83 think espnu had an sec game on, here.

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