Seeing Grandkids and Tobacco Road.

  • Visting my Daughter, on the way to Fayetteville NC, we stopped by Duke and UNC. 15 minutes from each other.


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  • @wrwlumpy Hello there! I’m about 15 min from you at the moment. If you see someone with a KU shirt on, its probly me. LOL

  • Duke hospital is where my grandmother passed in 1982. While there, my grandfather would frequently eat in the cafeteria and got to know one of the workers there named James Worthy! Grandpa was a great embellisher of tales so I’m not 100% positive it’s the whole truth but the statute of limitations on truth is about 30 years so it’s my story now and I’m sticking to it.

  • @wissox

    “Excuse me, young man, could you please pass me a fork?”

    “Certainly, Sir! Coming right up!”

    Whack! Right off the forehead!

  • I wanted to go check out Duke and UNC in a jayhawk shirt a few years back when I was in North Carolina but I didnt have time. Funny thing was I actually ran into several KU fans in Charlotte. Dukes camous looks pretty cool from what I’ve seen.

  • I was just at the UNC game last night! It’s really a beautiful area. Pretty sure if you squeeze a building on Duke’s campus a few $100 bills pop out. They’ve certainly spared no expense over there.

    Highly recommend the Duke/UNC trip for any basketball fan. Their arenas and schools couldn’t be more different. UNC is the country’s first public university so there’s a lot of pride in that, and a lot of venom toward Duke for being proudly elitist and snobby. Chapel Hill is a lot like Lawrence as well. Very cool college town. Durham is kind of meh, other than the food and beer. Just not my style but I know a lot of folks who really like it.

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