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  • Banned

    Maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe I just don’t know history? Yet who is really the bad guy here? Who is really for free speech?

    Ok lets ask some questions here?

    Who has safe places in colleges throught out the land? Not consertivates. No those safe places are for Libs.

    Who is banned from speaking at colleges through out the land? Um persons with conservative views? Never heard of a Liberal being banned from speaking.

    Who breaks out windows and destorys private property in the name of their beliefs? Liberals.

    Who loads up backpacks with batteries, mase and dresses up as ninja’s? Yet are considered as peace loving, free speech persons? Doesn’t matter that they show up at rally’s that differ from their beliefs? Liberals.

    Who accuses a person with no evidence and screams bloody murder. Liberals.

    Who gets attacked and accusted at restaurants? Not liberals.

    Who’s leadership preaches of getting up in the face of those that don’t agree with them? Liberals.

    Who accuses conseratives of racism, sexism, and homophobia and yet it’s they constantly put persons in groups like women, blacks, immgrants and men? Liberals.

    You true liberals need to wake up. Your problem isn’t the conservatives or Rep party. It’s your leadership and the huge media outlets you control.

    Quit bitching and get some new leadership.

  • You nailed it in your first sentence!

  • Banned


    Of course I did just trying to give you cats the benefit of the doubt. As I like the shit out of you guys.

  • I’m getting old too, but not that old, and it’s better than the alternative. @DoubleDD you nailed it. If folks can’t see the truth of your litany of offenses, then they ain’t really looking or their heads are up where the sun don’t shine.

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