Mar 13: Post-game Roundup - KU vs Oklahoma State


    ##Dodd: Kansas beats Oklahoma State 77-70 in overtime##

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the final seconds, Bill Self moved toward the end of the Kansas bench, handing out high-fives as the Rock Chalk Chant began to echo through the Sprint Center.

    Perhaps it was harder than it needed to be, but the 10th-ranked Jayhawks had survived a second-half lapse and overtime in a 77-70 victory over Oklahoma State in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Tournament on Thursday afternoon.

    ##Newell: Andrew Wiggins’ 30 points leads KU basketball to 77-70 overtime win over Oklahoma State

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just before sending his players on the court for overtime against Oklahoma State, Kansas coach Bill Self wanted to leave one final thing in their minds.

    “What else would you rather be doing on a Saturday evening at 5 p.m.?” Self said.

    ##Tait: Kansas defeats Oklahoma State, 77-70##

    Kansas City, Mo. — For the third time this season, the Kansas University men’s basketball team watched a double-digit lead over Oklahoma State disappear.

    This time, however, it didn’t cost them.

    After controlling much of the first half and leading from the 11-minute mark of the first half all the way to 4:08 of the second half, the Jayhawks built a 32-23 halftime lead and went up 34-23 in the first minute of the second half.

    ###Tait: Cowboys: Jayhawks just as good without Joel Embiid###

    Kansas City, Mo. — Even though his presence would have added a 7-foot shot-blocker in the paint who averaged 11 points, eight rebounds and blocked 72 shots during the regular season, Oklahoma State senior Markel Brown said he would rather have seen Kansas University’s Joel Embiid on the floor during the Cowboys’ 77-70, overtime loss to KU in Thursday’s Big 12 tournament quarterfinal match-up at Sprint Center.

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  • I only got to see the second half and OT.

    Perry went from rising star a year ago to wilting flower today. Hopefully he gets going tomorrow. He at least got some rebounds today. Maybe someone in the crowd can borrow my kids Phineas and Ferb poster asking “where’s Perry”

    Jamari is steadily becoming one of my favorite Jayhawks. He’s a gamer. Emotion. Defense. He does what’s asked of him. Plus he is very underrated on the offensive side.

  • I was digging the alternate uniforms today:

  • @JRyman I think Perry will be better tmrw! He’s due and we know he’s more than capable! Needs confidence. He had some well-timed put backs at the end. Go Perry!

  • @approxinfinity I really liked the new uni’s, maybe not these! Jk

  • Here’s an interesting “Smart Flopper” video made by a K Stater at last years Big 12 tourney. Who ever plays OSU in the tournament needs to be aware of this B-Movie actor.

  • @approxinfinity

    Gheez… I knew we had a young team…

    So do they get a diaper change on time-outs?

  • @wrwlumpy

    Did you notice how Smart’s wuss attitude yesterday has rubbed off on his teammates? How many of those guys were limping by the end of the game? Running on the court… then the play stops and half of them started limping. Give me a friggin’ break!

    Our guys mask their injuries… that may not be a good thing either, but the last thing we will be called is “wussies!”

  • @wrwlumpy After watching that video and slightly throwing up in my mouth a little, I can’t decide if he’s a flopper or just has really bad coordination, maybe its vertigo??

    No he’s a flopper bad actor poor sport whinny little…I better stop before I say something that makes him shove me

  • I thought the defense was astronomically better than it was against WVU. That game was just an anomaly, IMO.

    I thought for the most part that Tharpe played pretty well and had 7 assists to 2 turnovers and played good defense. He just needs to knock down a few shots that he normally makes.

    Wiggins was great once again. He has finally figured out how to look for his shot and be a team player.

    One of these days, Ellis is going to get out of his slump. His problem is that he forces the issue too much and drives right into traffic. He needs to use the shot fake more and utilize his good perimeter shot to his advantage.

    Black and Traylor did a great job of rebounding and playing good defense while warding off foul trouble in the second half. I knew Black could play 26 minutes while not fouling out.

    For the game tonight, they have to do what they did against OSU. Guard the crap out of the perimeter, dont foul when they drive, and dont turn it over. If they do those, they’ll be in good shape for a W.

  • @DinarHawk I’m wondering how effective our 5 guys will do tonight?? May be seeing Mari and Ellis at 4&5. I also believe THEY need to adjust to our game! How do they guard our 4’s and 5’s!!!

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