Signs of trouble ahead?


    Texas A&M has supplanted Texas as America’s most valuable college football program.

    A&M’s rise was attributed to an increase in athletic department contributions, along with more ticket revenue and conference revenue from the Southeastern Conference.

  • It’s probably bad for the conference if the truth was told, but I think thats done after the media contract is up anyway. It’s not surprising ether because Texas hasn’t done crap outside of 03-09 since the 90s. They only have 3 conference titles to OU’s 11 since the B12 began in 96. OU making the playoffs 2 of 4 years is the only thing keeping the conference relevant in FB to this point, not Texas.

  • Banned

    Everything I’ve read shows Texas wanting into the ACC. They want a Norte Dame type Deal.

  • The Texas A&M is a one time peak in income as a result of its big fund raising campaign but it cannot be supported at that level and it will soon come back to its previous level.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Maybe, but it’s not a one year blow up. This is three years revenue increase for aTm and three years of decline for Texas to get to this point.

  • @dylans

    I did not say a 1 year peak but a one time peak. In the 3 prior years the income increased due primarily to one time contributions which were part of the fundraising campaign and will not repeated and were double that of the second place program. Texas is still the leader on income from all the other sources including ticket sales, endorsemen, merchandising, TV revenue and even concessions. Now that the fund raising campaign is pretty much over, revenue will drop to its more normal level.

    When and if KU goes through with its big $300+ million improvement plant, it will see a similar one time peak and then it will come down.

  • Let TAM alone.

    Once the Bushes and Clintons run Trump, they can focus on making Tayhoss great again in football!

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