Paging Jayballer To The Courtesy Phone

  • Packers are not surviving that division with 2x games against those Bears and Vikings D. Oline is a trashfire. Prayers up for Rodgers.

  • I’m sorry Rodgers-senpai. I should never have doubted you.

  • Banned


    Its why I don’t draft Aaron Rodgers in fantasy football. Every year it’s the same thing. The Packers wont spend the money to protect him. Too risky.

  • Rodgers has to learn how to protect himself better. Manning and Brady didn’t have crazy expensive lines later in their careers. Rodgers doesn’t help himself because he likes to extend plays and takes at least one unnecessary hit every game.

    But he is a magician. He will win another Superbowl at some point.

  • Well like the announcers said last night The packers have some of the most consertive Dr’s in the league. - - -They obviously felt he was good to go , although they gonna run some more tests today. - - -Like was also brought up today he didn’t get hit once the 2nd half - Packers changed their scheme at half also quicker releases shorter routes to start out with. - The ol boy that just killed then in the 1st half had ONE tackle the 2nd half - -ONE.

    It was also brought up Aaron knew at most he had probably 4 opportunities in the 2nd half to get bring the team back soooo - - Fg - - TD - - - TD - - -TD PERIOD. - - basically like they said playing on one leg - - scrambling the 2nd half? - - psssst which is a HUGE part of his game - - -gone, he was a pocket passer. That pass he planted to Allison - couldn’t have been thrown any better by anybody and he does this time after time only last night it was basically one leg - you could see him favoring it bad at times.

    Like they brought up they said Aaron has 100 Million Guaranteed money - the way of looking at is look we are down 20-0 do we take the chance of putting him in - -get hit again - -and possibly lose him for a long time or the Season? - this is the 1st game - Aaron has his money whether he plays or not. - Yet he said playing behind Brett Favre you learn a lot as he was talking about Brett’s streak without missing a game. - - He said this is what we get paid to do , you play through pain you become the leader - That’s why once again a lot of NFL commentators - -players - -Coach’s say that his is elite at the top if not the best right there at the top with the best. – He didn’t hesitate he said I WILL be playing Sunday - -we shall see but the guy is just unreal - Not many can do what he has done in his career

  • In the 2nd half he goes 17-23 - - -271 yards and THREE TD’S with pretty much one leg and not sacked once as a pocket passer that is not to shabby

  • omg