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  • About 5 years ago Jaybate posted this. I kept it because of the strong imagery of past times and of anticipation of a special year. Some names and places are different but the message is the same. RCJH

    Yeeeeee haaaaaaw!

    The floor is painted and just a hint of fresh shellac is in the field house. The nets are tight. The practice court is ready for sweat drops and screeching slides by new tennies.

    The hangovers of country club week are receding and the barn parties loom just around the bend. The girls are still showing some alabaster tan lines on the side walks as the boy-men dream of how to meet them.

    Self is fired up, through his ring of fire and happier than Johnny Cash ever could be…

    Charlie and The Heap have their work clothes and hats on and chin straps buckled out on the synthetic north forty–Harvest heat forging December steel and titanium balls.

    The Campanile and Daisy Hill dorms stand watch like Transformers overall.

    Yet another senseless invasion looms like a bombing storm beyond the seen horizon–the Kosovar-Ing of Syria counting down in a squal of false flags and drone death.

    But on the ground–here–now–the simultaneity of sublimity and season following season.

    Custom combines have turned the waving wheat to golden stubble yet again and the leaves of corn and bean fields in the bottoms hang deep green in sunned breeze waiting silently the needle nosed pickers.

    Summer fights a losing battle with Fall.

    Board rats type goosey with anticipation.

    Basketball time.

    Pick up the balls.


  • @Mohawk

    Not bad.

    Who the hell was that guy? 😀

  • @DanR

    Very cool video.

    Man am I glad they decided to finally take Baja Cabrini Green aka Pruit Eye Gore West aka corbu’s prairie Eryth housing down!!!

    Neat visual monuments aren’t the same as good housing.

    Do you think the same outfit used to take down WTC VII was used to take down McCollum Hall?

    Just kidding!

    But it remains eerie how similar controlled demolitions like the video you posted, and other videos of controlled demolitions, look like the video of WTC VII collapsing, and to some degree to the collapses of WTC I and WTC II.

  • P.S.: How many persons exposed to asbestos fibers and other carcinogenic dust released by the controlled demo watching the McCollum take down and living near by will likely die prematurely? Will any die prematurely? I wish I knew. Does anyone? Were all the materials potentially toxic to human beings removed from the building and site? Does anyone reliably claim they actually, definitively even know for certain what all was in the building and site that could later sicken persons exposed to the dust cloud caused by the controlled demolition?

    After watching that video, which I have not investigated the authenticity of, I recalled all the claims of sickness by the emergency responders and the by standers afterwards.

    There is something about human beings attracted to positions of authority that just inherently cannot resist risking costshifting onto the innocent, even when they are trying to do some good.😢

  • @jaybate-1.0

    The demolition industry is one of the more heavily regulated businesses and federal law requires that all asbestos must be removed prior to demolition/implosion.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    The demolition industry is one of the more heavily regulated businesses and federal law requires that all asbestos must be removed prior to demolition/implosion.


    You don’t say.

    Please define your criterion of level of regulation and then…

    Name 6 “businesses” that are more regulated.

    Name 6 “businesses” that are less regulated.

    Name 6 “businesses” that are regulated about the same.


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  • @JayHawkFanToo

    If anyone were taking orders in this relationship, it would be you.

    Now get down and give me 50, Niedermeyer!!


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  • @approxinfinity

    Perfect. 👍🏼

  • One of the biggest problems of western net-benefit based economics has always been the lack of reliable accounting for dishonesty and cost shifting in both accounting models and regulation. No one has EVER come up with a sound way to compare levels of regulation, because the comparisons never are indexed for variation in cheating and cost shifting. As a result, both quantitative and qualitative assertions about levels of regulation are unreliable and frankly naive.

  • I never saw the view from those south-facing dorm rooms, but it must have been pretty cool. Half of Lawrence was lined up to watch the demo.

    A few weeks later, I snuck into the debris area and got a brick from the wreckage to give to a friend of mine, per her request. She (and her husband/co-conspirator) gave it to their daughter on her 30th birthday along with a note explaining that she was, um…conceived… in McCollum. Probably not the only one!

  • @DanR wonder what the daughter said?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 She made a lamp out of it and gave it back to them on their next anniversary.

  • @DanR that’s great! My sons would’ve been totally grossed out.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 - returned it via the living room window? 😬

  • @DanR Thankfully none of my children were conceived there.

    McCullum Hall was a dump when I lived there in the 90s but I’m kinda surprised they didn’t just remodel it like Templin Hall had been done. The structure was fine.

  • @DanR makes me think of the leg lamp in Christmas story. The “Soft Glow of Electric Sex" in the window.

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