Random KC Chiefs thoughts

  • I’m thinking the forgotten man will be Kelce, and Tyreek could be Pro Bowl bound. I say that because Mahomes is so used to throwing to his wideouts coming out of TT, and he has such a cannon arm, he won’t be able to contain himself with a wr with so much speed as Hill. I also think Kareem Hunt has a huge day against the Bolts. Everyone is picking the Bolts to win the West, but I think KC gets it done.

  • I am not confident in this Chiefs D.

  • @BShark They don’t need to be great just good. This offense will score.

  • @Barney I see 9-7 for this team. What ya got?

  • I’m not huge chiefs fan, I root for them and Dallas because they have always been on in my area. But the chiefs don’t look like a playoff team to me. The offensive line looks lousy, as does the secondary, and pretty much the whole defense. Mahomes is gonna take some lumps at some point, I still think he has trouble with accuracy, maybe he can get away with the same stuff he did at TT with Hill, by throwing the ball as far as he can and praying a guy runs under it.

  • I think this is a 7-9 season until I’m convinced Mahomes can take care of the ball at the NFL level.

    But I think the forgotten man will be nobody in this offense. Kelce gets split out like a WR all of the time. Watkins is the one who needs to show something.

  • 9-7 seems about right based on what I have seen so far…