Let me say

  • MAN , will I ever be glad when Basketball is here. - -We are STRUGGLING for topics to talk about lol - – just having a little Thursday fun - -little joking - don’t stone me. - - -When political and such seem to be the theme of the month then MAN are we struggling. Sad when we don’t have a football team we could try and fill the void more with seeing as how as What I believe this to be for the main sticking point as a Sports site - -but because of our failure in football pretty well leavers us with nothing but Basketball - -And when it’s dead or pretty much in Basketball - - - -well there you have it boys and girls - -Again all in good fun or my feeble attempt that’s all lol – Ok I’m done - -I’ll go run and hide now before the lynching begins - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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