Sportsmanship and life

  • I play an online game. Most of my opposition is college kids. So frequently I hear them say in their chat “ez” and brag about their accomplishments when they do well. Much less frequently, I hear people call out specific things others do well.

    I make a point of praising particular plays that are executed well, and call people out for disrespecting their opponents.

    I’ve coached a lot of youth sports and seen some atrocious behavior from kids in handshake lines that does not get corrected by their coaches.

    I’m concerned that we are creating a culture of “me” with little investment in others. Our standards are getting inverted.

    To me, children insult. Children brag. Adults praise others, or offer constructive feedback.

    To me, this is a big problem that is not being addressed. Sport is a facsimile of life.

    Does every kid need a participation trophy? Really, I don’t care about that. That’s a talking point that people hung their hat on that is arbitrary.

    Much more importantly, kids need community, where they are recognized, encouraged to interact, and they recognize the positive qualities of others and challenge them to be better people.

  • @approxinfinity If it makes you feel any better, my oldest boy is extremely polite always says please and thank you always puts others first. And if you don’t respect him his three-year-old little brother will punch you in the face. LOL

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