Yes guys I know it'searly yet BUT :

  • So I’ve been reading from different sites and such and yes even though it’s still early just wanted to discuss on a different thread. I’m looking at 4 our very legit possibilities of being future Basketball players for us in 2019 and wanting to give my thoughts as of today and my final predictions and would like to hear where how you think the final outcome will be. The 4 are most have been mentioned the most - -mostly focused are: JRE - - Matthew Hurt - - Zeke Nnaji- - -& Samuell Williamson so my thoughts and predictions are:

    JRE : - - # 17 ranking according to 247 - - There are some people who are bringing North Carolina as the main rival in this - -which I believe is true. - -Some say/see it as a Negative that he transferred to IMG right? - - -I still don’t think this is that big of Deal , the guy was at Bishop Meige for his first three years in School and they won three State titles. - I believe first and foremost that Robinson-Earle did transfer out for the purpose more then anything to be able to improve his skills - - compete against better competition - - I don’t think this has nothing to do with anything else , like people who are saying that it’s because he has cooled on KU - or because of North Carolina - -My prediction: - -I think JRE is probably our most secure - -safest bet on a recruit for 2019 - -I’m not worried about him what so ever - -Just like with Devon last yr -you all know how long I was riding that float - people started fretting about Florida - I feel the same about JRE - -I just believe he will truly be in the Crimson & Blue next year. Earle starts his visits this weekend. Goes to Norte Dame - -then to Villanova on Sept 14th - - -N Carolina on Sept 21st ( we shall see if any buzz from the Analysts comes after that) - -right now 247 still shows JRE at 100% for KU -Jerry Meyer is the lead on JRE. - -Then he goes to Late Night in the phog on Sept 28th right here BABY - then finishes at Arizona on October 12th - -as my boy Aaron Rogers Said to panicky fans - -RELAX lol - I think it’s done and he will be right here next year.

    Matthew Hurt : # 6 ranking according to 247- - Well here it seems that the two that might play the most for Hurt are KU and Kentucky. Now 247 shows KU at a 83% CB - -I must of missed a prediction , cause last I knew we were at 77% - - but shows us at 83% - – Minnesota at 8 % - and undecided at 8 % - -hasn’t been any predicts for Kentucky yet - but you know that will change. - -Kentucky board rats are convinced that they are almost a certainty that they will end up with him - -Since Coach Cal has his in home visit-- -plus now his AAU teammate Zeke Nnaji is going to take a Visit to UK they think their chances are even better. - - - Myself ? Again - -ya there just might be a little something to worry about I feel , I’m still pretty confident , I know Hurt loved playing for Self at the games this Summer - The thing that might worry me is I’m beginning to think Hurt is going to be a Spring predict , he still hasn’t listed any visits which is another reason I feel he might wait till Spring and I think if he waits our chances might dip some - in favor of Kentucky. Evan Daniels is the lead on Hurt. - -My Prediction? - - -I still think in the end he lands here , he has seen how he can play on the floor with JRE at the same time – He said he loved playing for Coach Self was the best time of his life he said - if I had to give % right now I’d probably say like 80% KU - -20 % UK - - hope I’m right - I really like this guy.

    Samuell Williamson : #41 ranking according to 247- - This one I think is the 2nd easiest one for me to say where. I just think with his family having all gone here right? - -Him saying this is his dream School and giving all the positive thoughts reasons why he could fit here - -umm ya. – He is in the process of taking his visits - -Visited here this past weekend , I am kind of wondering was hoping he would announce right after - but still like a lot of other guys - you can’t blame a kid for taking their 5 visits gives them a chance to travel and check things out. So he is at Texas A & M this weekend for his visit - -Sept 14th he is at Louisville - - - then Sept 21st he goes to Oklahoma - - and then on October 5th - he finishes at Texas Tech. Now just because he has 5 official visits listed doesn’t mean he will end up taking all 5 others have listed 5 but announced before. I’m not to sure but that might very well be the case here. Believe it or not IF there is someone that is close to fighting us giving us even the least trouble - -I think it could be Texas Tech- - - Right now 247 has Williamson at 100 % KU my Prediction -you know - -he will come.

    Zeke Nnaji : # 30 ranking according to 247- - This one STILL puzzles me - -I know people saying he is a back up plan – back up plan for who? Out of the 4 that I’m talking about this is the guy I DON’T think will end up here. I do think even if Hurt and Earle come he could STILL come and be a good player for us. - -Starter or 1st of the bench at their position maybe not - but I think he would be a really solid player and I think he could help for sure probably a 3 yr player. I think he more likely then not would be Kentucky as their back up plan when Hurt doesn’t commit to them and they offer Zeke. - - Brian Snow is the lead on Zeke - -right now 247 has Zeke at 75% KU - -Wisconsin at 12 % & Indiana at 12 %. – My predictionI think he doesn’t become a Jayhawk - I would love it if he did - -just don’t think he will see it if we land JRE & Hurt both - more likely Kentucky if they offer and I think they will. - -welp there it is , would love to hear what you think and where you think these 4 will end up let me know - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    Is @jaybate 1.0 doling out the word count assignments now? LOL!

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    Is @jaybate 1.0 doling out the word count assignments now? LOL!

    Oh hardy har har - -and we have jokes lmao - - - let them keep rollin in – -I know not of this jaybate of whom thou speaks

  • My gut says we get 2 of the 4 listed. JRE & Williamson sign in the fall

    Hurt’s recruitment goes into the spring and if Memphis has a good season that’s going to be something to watch. I don’t see any reason to worry about him until he actually decides what he’s doing