Revisit last game of last season-EJ was hit first.

  • I was at the KU Michigan game last year, and watched in agony as we let it slip through our hands. By the time I got home, the EJ -McGary hit was everywhere. Since I DVR’d the game, I had a hint something preceded it, and boy it is there on tape. I am not defending EJ’s low blow, but 12 months ago I wasn’t posting.
    Here is what happened first. About a minute before, EJ brought the ball down the court, passed the ball and continued towards the lane. McGary was just coming up to set a pick at the foul line, and EJ was going to get by no problem. On the last step in front of the pick, EJ’s defender shoves him hard so EJ runs straight into the pick- a blind side and snaps his head back hard. Flat out a cheap dirty play EARLY in the game. EJ takes a shot back and gets caught. Again, not defending EJ, but it was MICHIGAN who pulled a dirty play first. I’m sure most of us have deleted that game, but it’s there if you still have a copy.

  • @JayhawkRock78 love for someone to put that on here!

  • I don’t have it, but my father who recently passed recorded games and games. I’d say there is a 75% chance he has it on a disk. I will search for it the next time I am back in KAnsas.

  • @JayhawkRock78 What your not in Kansas any more?

    Sorry that was to easy of a joke to make.

  • Yeah, I’ve been gone for more than twenty years and people think they are clever when the let go with the toto jokes. I can laugh along with any Jayhawk or Kansan, but the joke sounds pretty weak coming from others-and for the record the posters on this board walk on water-so it would take a lot more than that to ruffle this Jayhawks feathers.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I have lived in Nebraska my whole life and still been a Jayhawk fan, Basketball, football you name it. I hear it all the time, “Hey man you’re not in Kansas anymore this is Husker territory”

    I just remind them that there is a greater power than Tom Osborne and being a Husker fan. God and the First Amendment, I have the freedom to cheer for whoever I want.

  • @JRyman In Nebraska, Dr. Tom, or Warren B? 🙂

    Say, what’s the status of the bitumen pipeline that was supposed to cross Nebraska to deliver Canadian tar sand bitumen to Texas refineries?

    Was Nebraska able to marshall forces to stop it after realigning with the Big Ten states, or was a deal finally cut?

  • @jaybate 1.0 Wow the ole Keystone pipeline debate. Well it was ruled that they did NOT have and could not use Eminent Domain and steal the land from farmers and ranchers, they will have to pay for it now. They did have to reroute it as it was not allowed to go through the Sandhills region of the state, (that’s the part I grew up in) due to a spill that would lead directly to the Ogallala aquifer. They keep trying and trying and I am sure the federal government will override all things that the Nebraska government has done to protect its own just to make a buck and destroy more of this great land. Oh the almighty dollar

  • I’m and oil and gas guy here in Houston. I addition to environmental concerns, the pipeline crosses our northern border and that gives Obama clout to prevent it. The private sector has been going gangbusters, Obama hates big energy including coal so work offshore and on govt. land is at a trickle-yet he claims how great it is we are doing well in energy-he has zilch to do with the private sector. Anyway, sorry to mention politics here but that’s another part of the Keystone story.

  • @JRyman By the way, Hall of Fame Nebraska Track Coach Gary Pepin was coaching at KU when I was there. He still brings his squad to the KU Relays each year.

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