Andrew and the Miracles...

  • For some of us that go back a ways in Kansas basketball, we’ve been in this situation before.

    We lost a very special player in Archie Marshall.

    We were well on our way to having a disappointing season with a big pile of losses and expectations dashed.

    But we still had Danny Manning. And we had a team full of players who weren’t ready to hang up their gear early. Danny stepped up and wasn’t going to accept another loss again. His teammates jumped on board with him. They didn’t lose another game!

    Here is your chance Andrew. Here is your chance to earn the SI cover that put you down as the next Danny Manning. Here is your chance to earn the title “alpha-dog” by taking the leadership role on this team. Here is your chance to inform your teammates that you are done losing. Here is your chance to up your draft stock by showing NBA teams what you are made of.

    You said you were ready for the big stage. Well, here it is!

    The motto for this team moving forward:

    “Refuse to Lose!”

  • I like it!

    Its all about attitude. The team has to decide that they are not going to lose and they are going to be tougher than whoever they play.

    I think the game tomorrow (most likely with OSU) will tell a lot about what this team is going to do in the tournament.

    Are they going to fold like a lawn chair, or are they going to stand resolute?

  • Andrew and the Amazings

    Wiggins and the Wonderfuls

  • “Andrew and the OADs!” (joking… there is always room for humor!)

  • If Embiid is not playing, it will be just “Andrew, THE OAD”. 🙂

    I don’t expect Selden to leave after this season.

  • @Wishawk

    True… but it is best to play up to the media hype.

    Remember “The Kinks?”

    “Give the people what they want!”

  • @drgnslayr I love this attitude slayr! Keep the positive vibes flowing. This is probably my favorite post all week.

    @JRyman Wiggins and the Wonderfuls has a nice ring to it.

  • Do the deed for Embiid!


    Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

  • The Wizardry of Wiggins!


  • “Wig-guns and the Big-guns!”

  • “Begins with Wiggins…”

  • @drgnslayr I can see the cover of SI now.

    Andrew flying through the air over Tarik, Jamari and Landon all flexing their muscle

  • @JRyman

    And they are all flying over WSU… the saga continues…

  • @drgnslayr What happens when we play WSU in the Final Four or NT game? Neither will be able to hold up the proverbial sign that reads, “You’re not in Kansas any more.” Even though we will be playing in Dallas, but it would be the a top 5 Sunflower state showdown* game ever!

    *I know the sunflower showdown is between KU and ksu, but had to use the reference any way.

  • Me and my homies at KU when I was there used to yell at Archie Marshall not to shoot it. I guess it was our estimation that he was a poor shooter and didn’t offer much to the team. But I just looked up his stats and he was better than what I remember! Shooting percentages of over 50%, decent rebounding numbers, average points of 8 or 9 per game.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Seriously? Man… Marshall was an earlier version of BRush!

    @JRyman - “We’re not in Kansas anymore… but as soon as this tourney is finished, we will gladly return!”


  • @wissoxfan83 was Jaybate w/you, yelling"pass it for more assists"?

  • @drgnslayr I was just a dumb college student!

  • If Jaybate coached the Danny and the miracles team, what would they be called? Losers? No miracles? You can guarantee Danny would have more assists??? Danny had 2. No malice and on and on…

  • @wissoxfan83

    I thought I was the lone dummy in Lawrence!

  • @drgnslayr Well you were smart enough to see Archie as an earlier version of BRush!

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