KU adds another grad transfer to help on the offense line

  • 6 foot 305 pound Alex Fontana has been added to the Kansas roster as a graduate transfer from Houston. He didn’t play last year due to an injury but saw 5 starts the previous year at center, he also has experience at the guard spots. Sounds like he will have 2 years of eligibility left to play. The offense line has got to be the most improved unit on the field this coming season for the Jayhawks to compete. Looks like Beaty is pulling out all the stops at this point.

  • Need bodies on the OL. Can’t hurt.

  • @Woodrow My thoughts on the matter, we also got the grad transfer from (Feder) OSU as well. We obviously know how well Baldwin worked out from Bama but these guys actually have been at good programs for a few years and have played. With who we return on offense if the line can be average along with the QB we may have a chance to compete for wins. Last year we lost every game by double digits and only the KSU game was still a game in the 4th quarter.

  • On the line, depth is a big factor. Its rare to make it through the season without needing six or seven linemen to play a lot of snaps. This just adds another guy to that mix.

  • @kjayhawks Have to agree with you. Our offensive line just HAS to give our QB time enough to let the play develop - -let him make his reads , have said it before , doesn’t matter how talented the QB is , if he is spending 3/4 of his time running for his life then we are screwed no matter who the QB is, same goes on the offensive line and our running backs - they have got to open holes hold their blocks - -no matter how quick a running back is - how talented is if the hole isn’t there - the hole isn’t there. - Two major area’s that we just must get better and a lot better at that.

    I think also - we have to have a lot better improved play out of our D-line. - -We can’t expect our secondary to stay receivers all day long, sooner or later no matter how good your secondary is - -if the D-line isn’t getting any pressure flushes out of the opposing QB he will pick us apart. - -Have just got to get some pressure on the QB -to manty times we made opposing QB’S look like Tom Brady - their mouths just watered when we played them - time to run up the stats - -then when we get beat like we do - the secondary catches hell for coverage - not by far totally their fault. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo Not surprising, Martín was the worst of our running backs and probably wouldn’t have seen the field baring injuries a whole lot. Tabor was a guy I was super excited about but sounds like his back will prevent him from playing again, which is a tough deal for him. Bragg is a guy that has the size and potential to be good but everytime he’s been giving a chance he has been one of our worst linemen, that coupled with some of the juco and grad transfer we just landed probably meant not playing time for him ether. The other kid was someone I’ve never heard of, obviously losing guys is never good but I don’t see any of these as a big loss to us.

  • Also sounds like both Bragg and Martin could have the chance to be grad transfers like Hartzog or transfer down to a lower level to play right away if they don’t have the credits. I wish them luck but if you can’t make the 2 deep at Kansas, which I doubt any of these guys would have, your gonna have trouble playing for a D1 team. That being said best of luck to these guys in whatever they decide to do, I don’t blame for not wanting to ride the pine so late in their careers. Edit: Bragg is a injury issue as well according to LJW.