Forde and Passan

  • Just your standard KU hate hard-on today, lol.

  • Passan’s fake outrage tweet was really something special. What a douche.

  • Give us your Social Security Number Jeff.

    Oh wait. You aren’t going to share that info with me because you aren’t required to? I’m now pissed and I’m going to throw a fit about it.

  • Standard Missouri.

  • “Document Expert” is apparently a new credential you can receive.

    Only Yahoo sports would make news out of receiving standard responses lol.

  • Do we know why Syracuse has so many alums that make their way to KC? I find it strange so many local personalities went to Syracuse. Petro, Nick Wright, Danny Parkins, Passan.

    It’s just weird to me. I know they have a good journalism school, but KU and MU also have decent programs.

  • Syracuse has the premier sports journalism program in the country. They also try REALLY hard to do the “data journalism” thing which makes me chuckle.

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