Equipment Changes for Redemption Season

  • Our “Redemption Season” starts March 20th.

    We need to makes some tweaks to several of our current players’ equipment.


    1. Remove blinders off of Naadir

    2. Give Perry knee pads

    3. Give Tarik a head band with “IMPACT PLAYER” written on it

    4. Give JoJo a special-made padded body suit

    5. Put sticky-glue on Andrew’s hands

    6. Leave Wayne’s gear the same

    7. Give Frank lighter shoes

    8. Issue eyeglasses to Conner

    9. Leave Jamari’s gear the same

    We will win March Madness if we make these equipment changes.

  • @drgnslayr I’ve been think about Perry’s lack of toughness and I think he needs to do some boxing! You know, hit them before they knock you out. Get him mad! Lighter on his feet, etc!

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