Game Knows Game

  • Paul Pierce: “Watch out next year – KU is going to have a squad. Rock chalk.”

  • @BShark

    Best news in quite awhile. Pierce has a pile of know.

  • P.S.: Should Pierce be considered as a potential coach? Larry Bird stepped in as a coach and did well (not great), without much coaching experience. He stepped into management successfully also. Paul, despite his sleepy eyed look, seems a pretty savvy guy. And good things happen around him. And smart coaches and management have repeatedly put their trust in him as a player. Paul! KU will be looking for a coach down the road. You don’t need the money, but you may need the competition and camaraderie. Maybe sign on as an assistant coach in the NBA and pull a Fred and come back to the alma mater, should an opportunity present itself. it can certainly spring board you back to the NBA, as Fred has shown. Manning seemed like a shoe in for awhile, but his W&L statement at Sleepless Forest may be putting a crimp into his potential for the KU job. Recruiting and clearing players with the NCAA at KU is a hellish gig, but when your plaque goes up in the HOF, wouldn’t it be great to say you were among Naismith, Allen, Harp, Owens, Brown, Williams, and Self? Paul Pierce was one of KU’s head coaches in addition to being an NBA Champion. Paul Pierce is the only player to win an NBA championship as a player, and NCAA championship as a coach, and an NBA championship as a coach. That puts you above all of them in accomplishment. Go for it, Paul. My late father was a great judge of human beings and basketball talent. He took one look at you in your first season and said you were going to be a great KU player and one day win a ring in the NBA. He would have thought this would be within your potential. He speaks through me from beyond. Go for it, Paul.

  • Pretty awesome broadcaster!

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