March 9: News Headlines Digest

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    ##** All Big-12 Teams Announced**##

    PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Melvin Ejim, Iowa State, F, 6-6, 220, Sr., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR Joel Embiid, Kansas, C, 7-0, 250, Fr., Yaounde, Cameroon

    NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR DeAndre Kane, Iowa State, G, 6-4, 200, Sr., Pittsburgh, Pa.

    FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR Andrew Wiggins, Kansas, G, 6-8, 200, Fr., Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

    COACH OF THE YEAR Rick Barnes, Texas [Career: 582-298, 27th season; At UT: 380-164, 16th season]

    ###Newell: The advanced stats All-Big 12 team###

    After examining KenPom, Win Shares and Value Add player-evaluation formulas, I tried my best to come up with the top five players in the conference based simply on what the numbers say. In other words, if you had to pick an all-Big 12 team based only on advanced numbers (and without seeing anyone play), who would you pick?

    ###Naadir Tharpe frustrated with his play; Joel Embiid to be evaluated Sunday###

    A few steps away from the team bus, Naadir Tharpe wasn’t making excuses for his off game following Kansas’ 92-86 loss to West Virginia on Saturday afternoon.

    The junior point guard scored no points on 0-for-3 shooting in 16 minutes. He also was benched by KU coach Bill Self for the final 9:17 of the first half and 4:52 of the second half.

    ###Dodd: KU coach Bill Self: Joel Embiid’s back injury more “significant” than strain###

    LAWRENCE — Kansas center Joel Embiid boarded a plane on Sunday and flew to Los Angeles, seeking a second opinion from a back specialist in the area.

    ###### Also see our Daily Threads, March 9, and the News Digest for Yesterday, March 8, as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday, March 8

  • This is actually a couple of days old, but if you haven’t checked out Mark Titus on Grantland, you’re missing out. A little something for everyone I think this past week. I thought @HighEliteMajor would enjoy the section about referees, given how I know you loathe them. He pretty much gives the Jayhawks the cold shoulder this week with this line “I’m putting the same amount of effort into the Kansas section this week as the Jayhawks put forth on defense in the second half of Saturday’s game at Oklahoma State.” Ouch! But we deserved it, and he has had almost universally good things to say about the team all year. Anyway, here’s the link:

  • @icthawkfan316 ouch is right! Thanks for sharing.

  • All Big-12 Teams Announced

    Nice graphic showing Wiggins swan-song B12 performance – not quite enough to get POY

    wiggins scores 41

  • I’m sorry, but there are so many things about the Big 12 awards that are a joke. Marcus Smart on the first team? Andrew Wiggins not on the all-defensive team? Rick Barnes for COY? Oh wait, the voting is done by Big 12 coaches, so we know quite a few of them are voting out of spite & envy for coach Self & KU making the league our bitch…again.

  • What Jesse Newell said is spot on. KU wants to avoid facing a team with a quick penetrating PG in the NCAA’s. That is so true. What is also very likely is that any team we face will have that! KU has no point guard, at least one that can keep his man in front of him. We cant win any of our 2 coming up tournaments with Wiggins playing 5 other guys. IMO, Tarik fouled out so quick because our guards got burned and Tarik was trying to help defense and he drew the fouls. Its ridiculous. After the WVU game, I really don’t have a high hope for our team making a run. Especially if Joel doesn’t get better, we get bounced in the first game, second at best.

  • @Lulufulu85 Your points are valid, but there is hope. It’s not over till it’s over. We may get bounced first or second game, but so could any other team. This is an odd year to say the least. So, let’s remember 1988 when Manning led us and also those sweet words, “The Hawks Spread their Wings as the Fat Lady Sings.” This team is a lot like that 1988 team more than any other team since. I remember when KU went into the '88 tourney, they had as many loses. I don’t think anyone expected KU to win it then either. Manning was a phenom like Wiggins, but Wiggins is so young, yet so talented. He’s shown his talent, but he’s not getting any help from the other guards. Tharpe’s true colors are finally being expose at this point and time. I just don’t see him being a consistent pg that will lead this team. Tharpe and Selden have to contribute more than usual.

    I think it’s safe to say that Selden is coming back unless he has a huge tournament. Selden has to show more and be consistent this post-season if he plans to go to the NBA.

    Just don’t think Tharpe is a NC caliber pg. He’s just too inconsistent and as a pg, he’s slow on his feet. He’s “flashy” but you have to be on game most every game. He’s playing more, but pretty much as his first few years at KU, good, but not able to step up his game when needed.

    I’m very concerned about Embiid. You’re right, no Embiid equals an early exit. Also, afraid that injury is worse than they thought. Bill Self is tempering fears and concerns. He does that a lot too. He did with Rel back when he sprung his ankle. He said Rel would be out for a few games. Rel was out most of the first half of the season. I guess it’s a coach’s way of spinning and managing a situation. I think Embiid is closer to being back another year each passing day of his injury. Unless he shows marked healing and improvement, his injury is going to force him back, a bit like BRush.

    Perry should be our Mannning. He’s missing that something which is keeping him from being the player KU needs right now. He’s got so much potential to be a great player, but is just lacking somewhere. I tend to think it’s “toughness.” He’s a good kid and is very soft.

    Black is great, but too foul proned.

    Traylor is just a utility player.

    Mason is good, but too small. He’s really struglling in D1 play.

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