Any Scuttlebutt about the NEXT Athletic Director Hiring?

  • Some time has passed since the Zenger Dismissal.

    Silence seems increasingly deafening.

    So: who will do the hiring? Will it be Chancellor Girod, or a committee (KUAD Board of Directors if they have one) of some kind? Or will an outside advisor be retained?

    Will the AD slot be left unfilled, as is increasingly fashionable in Federal hirings, during the Trump Administration, until the reputed FBI/DOJ investigation resolves?

    Also, would Zenger having been dismissed change his legal status vis a vis the reputed FBI/DOJ probe? As Athletic Director, he was apparently an employee of the reputed “victim”. Now he apparently is not. Any strategic legal significance for him, or KU, flowing from this reputed change of employment status vis a vis the reputed FBI/DOJ investigation?

  • Of course, they’ll hire a search firm. It’s a racket. Deans, ADs hire firms and get some quid pro quo (as a result of paying exorbitant fees) when they are inevitably looking for employment later. By paying the fees to the search firms, the firms will return the favor by pushing their candidacy with other universities when they need a job or are looking to move up the ladder.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    So simple and it never occurred to me. This is the real power of the net. Amidst the shill and bot torrents, dot connections are shared. It’s hopeless for them. The Deep State have jacked $30 Trillion from the 5gon to poison the well and still the dots connect.

  • @jaybate-1-0 I found an article that referenced this topic - "Fraschilla said the search firms can be useful when it comes to conducting background checks on coaches because athletic directors and school administrators are not well-versed in detective work. However, the dark side of college athletics can surface in these dealings between school administrators and some search firms, he said. A buddy system can develop where firms place school administrators with the expectation that the administrator will use the firm for its next coaching search. “There is a sense that some athletic directors will use them because there is a quid pro quo,” Fraschilla said. “That’s definitely part of the equation. You help me, I’ll pay your firm a fee to help me get a coach and then you keep an eye out for me for my next athletic director job.”

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Many thanks for posting the link.

    As Chris Carter reminds each lead-in to the X-Files: “The truth is out there.”

  • I believe we will take whatever time we need to hire the right athletic director.

    Unless something has changed, Sean Lester is the interim AD and holding down the fort.

    From what I understand, we have Drue Jennings (a former KU interim AD) leading the search for our new AD. In case people didn’t know, Jennings was probably THE vital link in the search process that found us Bill Self!

    I feel more optimistic about this process than what we did in the past.