Puma signs Bagley, looks to sign others

  • The thing to do now is study Puma’s stock ownership profile and see which large investment manager has taken a recent major position there in the last 12-24 months or so. It likely takes them awhile to move in, internally restructure, shape and then implement new market strategy.

    The Anglo-American Private oligarchy reputedly tends to use one to three big ones to acquire control of producers to reorder targeted producer markets—either diversified ones, or monopolized ones not under their control—into 3-12 player producer oligopolies under their control. One or more of them reputedly get untraceable gimmies directly or indirectly from the President’s Plunge Protection window from time to time to help out the process. Shouldn’t we all be so lucky?

    Anyway, knowing that might signal whether Bagley is an anomaly or a harbinger of a likely long term process incorporating Puma back into the thick of things.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1-0 Puma is an offshoot of Adidas, back from the 80s. Interestingly, two brothers owned Adidas and then split, with one forming Puma.

    Here’s a link on a significant change in ownership structure at Puma.


  • @HighEliteMajor

    Puma sponsorship of World Cup teams went from 8 in 2014 to only 2 in 2018; quite a drop. It has had some success signing entertainment celebrities like Jay-Z and Rhiana and perhaps they feel that basketball has a better outlook than soccer even when Nike, Adidas and Under Armour have a tight grip in that sport.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Thx 4 the assist!!!

    The linked story appears dated 1-2018.

    And it acknowledges that Puma had been repositioning for some time before the move by Kering SA was announced. Kering SA’s apparently tight (bustier tight?) control of Puma likely prevented predation on Puma’s stock, as well as protection from stock value crashes, while Puma was restructured and repositioned.

    So: who is Kering SA? I am so fashion challenged, I didn’t know them. Let’s see. They reputedly own the following brands:


    Saint Laurent

    Bottega Veneta


    Alexander McQueen


    Stella McCartney


    Christopher Kane





    Ulysse Nardin


    Kering Eyewear

    My, my, Puma basketball treads have moved up town, haven’t they?

    “French luxury group Kering, owner of approximately 86% of PUMA’s total share capital, announced earlier today that it will propose to its Annual General Meeting to distribute approximately 70% of the total share capital of PUMA to Kering’s shareholders, thus reducing its shareholding in PUMA to approximately 16%.”

    –from the linked story you posted above

    That’s kind of nice of Kering SA to do for Puma and for its “shareholders,” isn’t it?

    It apparently is intended to free up a lot of Puma shares to be bought up by those that expect the market to look favorably on the recent ways Puma has apparently been restaffed, restructured, and repositioned, whilst under the wing of Kering SA.

    I wonder if some of those buyers might include the big three investment managers seeking to “rationalize” a producer oligopoly for petroshoes and petrowear by adding a revamped player to the producer oligopoly for increased “stability”?

    I also wonder who the shareholders are that the shares will be distributed to, and/or who will buy up the shares released to those shareholders? That part is not in the story, is it?

    No, wait, I don’t wonder. I just saw Kering SA’s corporate logo.

    If invited, I decline to attend this bal masque ball.

    You should, too.

    Nevertheless, I will hazard a wild guess that repositioned Puma might become a rising and enduring factor in the endorsement end of the greatest game ever invented.

    But its just a wild guess, of course.

  • The best thing that could ever happen to basketball is if another company, say an up and comer like Sketchers, bought the Converse brand from the evil empire (Nike). Bring back the old logo, etc.

    Really, is there anything sweeter?

    alt text

  • Update: They got Ayton too.

    Something is brewing.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    The Converse brand sell very well for Nike so I don’t see it selling it.

  • @BShark

    Puma has indicated they will be signing more “fresh out of college” players with high upside paying them more than the going rate for a rookie but considerably less than what they would have to pay an established player and having them grow along with the brand. Interesting strategy.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I saw a quote where Ayton said he basically signed with Puma because of the money. Had nothing to do with anything else.

  • It’s a smart strategy by Puma to outbid everyone in the short term for the next group of potential stars. They will miss with a lot of these guys, but they only need to hit every once in a while for the strategy to work.

  • @Woodrow

    Very unusual from an endorser to say something like this, at least while the contract is in effect or in this case when it just started. I am sure Puma will not be happy.

  • @Woodrow

    Does not seem quite that way in this interview.

  • @Woodrow

    The link I cited includes the entire interview including the paragraph in the tweet and a lot more context. While the tweet quote is correct without context it is misleading. Just sayin’…

  • Jay-Z to become “Creative Director” for Puma, although earlier reports had him as President of basketball operations.