Red rooster

  • Are you ok?

  • Looks like he was just on again. :)

  • He’s been missing, though.

  • Somebody else been missing right? - - KU Steve - -( Jethro ) - anyone seen him?

  • @jayballer73 heck yeah! Thx for noticing

  • Thanks everyone for thinking about those who disappear. I disappeared once and thankful for the search party that found me.

    I hope and pray all our lost people are well and happy.

  • @RockChalkinTexas needs to check in too!

  • @Ralster as well. I always enjoyed his post and having attended a Coach Self summer camp he had interesting “insider” information.

  • Seems like these guys are just taking a break from posting while we have the opportunity. This upcoming season is going to be demanding!

  • Seems like more folks are sticking around than usual to me lmao. The large crowds of KU football on here will be busy in September 😉

  • I suspect that the board rats that are missing have gone undercover to investigate the FBI/DOJ thing. I have it on the QT that several of them have applied and been hired by The Black Cube and are as we type working overtime reviewing intercepts of all the petroshoeco officials involved in recruiting. Unmasking will begin August and continue till October 15, by which time D1 will be thoroughly sanitized, KU will be found to have been clean already, and a fine season in which about 100 of the 300+ schools in D1 remain to compete, while the rest are in varying stages of the death penalty.

    However, I can neither confirm nor deny any of the above.

  • Red rooster where are you?

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