Did the Dump Trucks Cut Back Their 8-10 OAD Dumps at Duke and UK and UNC in Preparation for the Current Investigation?

  • Did the investigation have to wait the dump trucks were reprogrammed to go more places, and put some time and distance between the 9-10 OAD stack years and the current, less conspicuous 3-5 per year stacking.

    Is all of NCAA basketball recruiting just a big coincidence?

    Is the FBI-DOJ investigation just chasing nothing burgers?

    Is D1 as clean as an ice cream social in the Victorian era?

  • To your last point… sure… on a nice 110-degree summer heatwave.

    Big difference between the feds capabilities to investigate, versus the NCAA. The NCAA has few teeth. They can basically threaten to make a player or players ineligible, and can punish a school. The feds can throw people in jail… and they can bring felony charges to put people in prison.

  • @drgnslayr

    More importantly, the feds can compel/subpoena testimony and cooperation but the NCAA has no such powers and all cooperation by athletes and/or families strictly voluntary and the penalties affect primarily the programs and not necessarily the athletes.

  • Not to mention it’s not in the ncaa’s best interest to publicly air this out. They want uk, unc, and yes even KU to continue to draw tons of eyeballs attached to wallets to their product. This is even more true of football.

  • @dylans

    Remember that the NCAA has been described by some as a cartel of athletic directors. So: when one is talking about the NCAA, one may actually be talking about the athletic directors, as much as the NCAA officers at NCAA headquarters.

    My hunch increasingly is that the Deep State is in a process of taking over sports from D1 to Pros, for the same reason it has consolidated American media from diverse ownership to 5 holding companies it effectively controls; for the same reason it has converted almost all market sectors from diverse producer markets, or from monopoly producer markets, into effectively controlled oligopoly producer markets; for the same reason it has coopted the American political apparatus by embedding its neocons in the Republican Party, and its neolibs in the Democratic Party and funded the controlled opposition of splinter parties on both extremes; for the same reason it has effectively coopted diverse terrorist organizations and has ordered diverse terrorist and crime organizations by starting some terrorist/crime organizations, and by coopting others, in order to use a controlled terrorist oligopoly, if you will, to drive events in ways enabling the advancement of the Deep State’s central talking points and agenda.

    Sports is simply to hugely influential in too many ways to leave it to a 20th Century athletic director cartel, or however you might choose to define the legacy NCAA.

    Sports is superb controlled cultural conditioning to convince the young that autocracy is the way to orchestrate teamwork and that steep sacrifice for an elite is a good.

    Sports is fabulous predictive programming for conditioning most to expect failure and to tolerate an elite few winning most all the time.

    Sport is so popular it can and is used to sell anything from wars, to cars, to gasoline, to beer, to soap.

    Sport is great for promoting politicians and their political agendas.

    Sport is great for conditioning many to bet and lose.

    Sport is great for distracting a nation from the committing of torture, mass murder, child sex trafficking, outsourcing, drug dumping, unprovoked serial invasions of countries, enablement of illegal immigration, and all the other horrific activities the Deep State routinely engages in.

    Sport is great for stimulating gambling and sports media is great for conditioning bettor expectations and both enable expedient laundering of vast sums of dirty money.

    Sport is an entertainment as crucial to the contemporary global totalitarian financialism, as the entertainments of the Roman Coliseum were to classical Rome.

    No way is a Deep State with the ambition of a New World Order including all of the nations on earth going to leave sport up to chance.

    Sport has to be subjected to regime change to reorder it to something responsive and controllable to the agenda of the Deep State and the private oligarchy it works for. It has to be destabilized to be re-stabilized. The private oligarchy that set amateur and professional sport up in the early 20th Century appears to be in a death struggle with a more recent private oligarchy that seems hell-bent on eclipsing the old world order. Naturally, sport must be re-ordered.

  • @jaybate-1-0 What are sports? All I get to watch lately is Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Puppy Pals, and Curious George.

    When KU basketball comes back around I may know what you are referencing again.

  • @dylans

    Sport is 24/7 and year round. There is always some on, or a reinforcing replay, and sports talk radio/TV to keep the world betting, buying petroshoes/petrowear, and buying soap, cars, beer and pharma.

    If you recall Rollerball, sport is waaaaaaaaaay beyond what was portrayed in Rollerball.

  • @dylans

    P.S.: I would recommend you enjoy the heck out of Paw Patrol and all the kiddy stuff. That silly stuff and the occasional great Pixar movies viewed with my children are some of my fondest memories for that extended block of time. Kids give you a chance at a second childhood yourself, because they force you to see all the childhood stuff a second time through their eyes AND your aging eyes. I really loved that experience. And then when you top it off with bed time stories you make up that combine some of those your dad told you with added improvising of your own, and you suddenly see how the oral tradition lives and is passed on inspire of all the digital flood, well, its just beautiful!!!

  • So Golden State destroying Boston is entertaining to some. Boring af to me.

    And yeah all they talk about on ESPN radio is how sports betting is now legal at the federal level. New Jersey will be the first state outside of Nevada to have legal sports betting. I don’t need to put money on the game to enjoy watching KU, the Chiefs, or the Royals play. Other than the NCAA tournament and the Super Bowl and possibly game 7 of the nba finals I don’t watch games “my” teams aren’t in. I’m too damn busy with work and family for serious sports viewing.

  • @dylans don’t forget to show them homeward bound!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Homeward bound, sure. I like Michael J Fox.

    I won’t let my wife watch Old Yeller. No way could I deal with that fallout! Although there are days she probably could shoot my lab. Lol