7 losses: Advantage or disadvantage?

  • Some say you need some losses to expose the chinks in the armor and allow you to neutralize approaches that are likely to lead to defeat. This school of thought suggests that it is possible to grow stronger from failures if you learn from the mistakes.

    Some say you don’t need to lose – in fact losing is a sign of weakness to opponents. That a loss brings confidence to the enemy and doubt to oneself.

    Thus I present to you:

    Exhibit A: The 2014 Jayhawks, 23-7

    Exhibit B: The 2014 Shockers, 32-0

    Who is in a better position to win?

    And just for fun, what about Exhibit C: 2014 Florida, 28-2

  • @bskeet The cop-out answer here is - every team is different. The phrase “winning covers a multitude of sins” has often been uttered by Self in some manner. So I guess that is the question for each team: are you winning despite flaws, or do you just not have any major ones? Maybe Wichita St. doesn’t have any major chinks. Hard to say given who they’ve played.

    That leads me right into my next point, and that is regardless of wins or losses, it is not good to go into the tournament relatively unchallenged. This is where I think Wichita St. is at a disadvantage. If you haven’t been punched in the mouth, how are you going to react when it happens? Rarely do even the best teams waltz through the 6 game NCAA tournament gauntlet unchallenged.

    If I had to rank your three teams you gave as examples, I’d take Florida as my favorite of the three based on Billy Donovan’s pedigree, as well as the talent of their team and the schedule they’ve played. Sadly I’d rank Wichita St. second, based on the experience of their players. I’d rank KU last in the bunch. Now do I think KU can beat either of those teams? Absolutely. I just think the other two teams are better positioned for a deep run over 6 potential games.

  • @bskeet I don’t think you need losses to expose the chinks, I think SOS is the best way to determine a teams potential. Scratch off WSU. Because Florida beat us, I have to pick them. But, I think we can beat them next time. Our guards would have to be smarter than last time, and I think they are. Watching Florida games recently, their presses seemed less effective than at the beginning of the year. I’d like a rematch, final 2.

  • @bskeet Im of the train of thought that having some losses allows you to learn from mistakes and get stronger, better. Im not on the Shockers train at all. Sure, what they are doing is great but no way they do that in a power conference. No chance. RE: Florida, I personally think they win the title this year.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 interesting

  • Interesting point about today’s game is if we win we would likely play WVU or Tech in our first game in KC. If we win, then WVU, Baylor, and OSU (assuming they both lose their tough road games) would end up tied for 8th. WVU loses the tie breaker due to their 3 team round robin record. If we lose, and Baylor and OSU lose, then we likely get a rubber match with those Cowboys (they lose a tie breaker with Baylor). I do believe Baylor and OSU lose today.

  • These are the last five conference games of the season:

    KU @ WVU - West Virginia desperately need the win to have any chance of post season play.Edge KU in a close game.

    Baylor @ KSU - KSU plays tough at home and Baylor has Scott Drew. Edge KSU.

    OSU @ ISU - If ISU hits from the outside, they win comfortably, if not it could be a close game. Edge ISU

    OU @ TCU - OU wins comfortably. Edge OU

    Texas @ Texas Tech. - Close game but Texas wins. Edge Texas.

    These are my predictions, any thoughts?

  • Well, ask any KU analytical-type fan, and our “chinks” are pretty evident: frosh rollercoaster/learning curve type of mistakes, compounded by some inconsistency of effort from an upperclassman PG, along with some glaring ineptitude in defensive instincts by 2 STARTERS. We are a different team with Embiid, but that only highlights deficiencies in each of our other post players.

    Regarding WSU, I am a supporter of them, like their players…but I honestly wonder how they would do against the BigXII teams, top to bottom? Its a real unknown. They are about to get their litmus test in the BigDance…

    FL seems legit, and their beatdown of us only highlights everything positive about them, and exposed our shortcomings for all to see…

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