Not sure I've told you

  • well . well . here we are going thru spring and into summer here in Kansas. - Not sure I’ve told everyone how happy I am in the spring in Kansas lol, right here in The heartland of Tornado Alley.

    Up until here yesterday was the longest we had went with a single Tornado - -Yesterday we had 12 - -and today/tonight we are right in the bulls eye right here in Topeka and the Kansas City area being in the biggest threat- -they said very well could be worse then yesterday - large wedge Tornados - - yippee I can hardly wait. -I can hardly wait. - -I’ve been through 2 - -F-5’s that’s enough for me and then multiple others

    With that being said I’m busy trying to find that dam dog Toto - -the tin man - -& yes Dorthy so we can find those dam Ruby Red slippers and get the hell out of here.- - Tornado Alley crazy my friends. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I walked out of a corn field (in SW Kansas) a few years ago with not a cloud in the sky over my head and zero wind. But just a couple miles in front of me was a feakin’ tornado in a little violent cloud. Crazy stuff.

    Another day I checked a wheat field 5 miles south of town. I had to call my wife and tell her to get into the basement, because I could see a massive tornado about 3 miles NW of town. The tornado sirens were broken and the police were driving around town with their lights and sirens on. Most people went outside to see what the commotion was. Thankfully that crazy twister just sat in a 1/8 mile long path for around an hour. Menacing town, but never making a move. It could’ve had a high body count with the sirens not working and people confused like that.

    Generally I see a tornado every 2-3 years. Fortunately they have not demolished my over-insured house. 🌪

  • @dylans Well I live in Topeka now - -have for quite awhile - went through the big F-5 that almost wiped Topeka off the map - -had went into Topeka to et medicine for our niece - -was in White Lakes Mall and this huge Tornado coming over Bernett’s Mound - -the myth was the mound would deflect any tornado - -ummm not this one - - Reporter was trying to describe it - -tell people to take cover. He was saying this thin is huge - -it’s really ugly and then said - - the hell with this I’m getting the hell out of here lol. We were in the mall , they were telling everybody to get out that this was not an official Tornado shelter -they couldn’t take responsibility. - -Said we were welcome to stay - but at our own risk

    Then I was in another F-5 in the Andover Tornado - - not a pretty site.

  • @jayballer73 Near misses with the Joplin tornado and Carl Junction a few years earlier. Joplin looked like it had been carpet bombed.

  • Barney said:

    @jayballer73 Near misses with the Joplin tornado and Carl Junction a few years earlier. Joplin looked like it had been carpet bombed.

    Boy do I remember that disaster - -not directly involved with that one but sure do remember

  • Well we had 18 tornado’s yesterday -and things starting to fire off already - -1st tornado warning just came out

  • @jayballer73 I have a couple of books about it and still haven’t been able to bring myself to look at them. I have personally seen tornadoes and the effects but never anything like that.

    I certainly feel for those under the gun now. I think the chances go up here tomorrow.

  • Stormy night in Olathe. Luckily (for me) the worst was North and South of my home although there was a possible tornado touchdown about 3 miles just East of me. We had 40-50 mph winds that made the heavy rain go sideways but lasted for only a few minutes. Thankfully it is over.

  • Ya’ll hit the cellars! Be safe.

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