Unwritten rules

  • The Sox have been involved in several unwritten rules kerfuffles recently including this weekend in KC.

    The unwritten rules of sports are always interesting and add spice and variety, and usually entertaining spats on the court or field of play.

    Football seems bereft of them except running up the score at the end.

    Basketball has a few, mainly related to running up the score, dunking at the end instead of running out the look, see Brannen Greene. There’s the superstar rules such as what MJ and Lebron get, but that’s just accepted, begrudgingly by most.

    But in baseball, wow! Don’t steal if winning by x if it’s in y inning or later, or some variation of that.

    Don’t take extra bases in similar.

    Don’t stand around and admire your home run.

    Don’t stand around and admire or celebrate your homerun if you haven’t won the world series which was Salvador Perez’ beef with Tim Anderson Saturday.

    You may/must plunk batter following home run hitter.

    You must retaliate against hitter after one of your hitters got plunked.

    Don’t bunt to break up a no hitter.

    Don’t steal a base and clap when losing by 5 or more runs against a future HOF pitcher like Justin Verlander.

    You must run in all the way from the bullpen to dance with the pitchers from the opposing bullpens if someone says yo mama to someone from the other team.

    Etc. Etc. It’s all very complicated and new unwritten rules are being unwritten every day.

  • It’s really just two unwritten rules:

    1. Don’t be a dick.

    2. Don’t be a crybaby.

    Applies to players, coaches, fans, sportswriters…well, actually, pretty much everyone in life!

  • @DanR

    Now the two are written by you!


  • College bb player high level recruit unwritten rule: Don’t Get Caught.

    Preston corollary: Be sure you know how to drive any gifted car.

    High level recruit family #1 unwritten rule: keep the money yourselves.

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