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  • Yes guys, it’s late - - very late in the recruitment. - - I was 100% convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Romeo was a DONE DEAL no doubt for Indiana. - Now I still feel he lands at Indiana - but after reading this , the statements made , threw me a hanger - a blow, - Makes me waver just a bit , as in like from 100% rock solid no doubt to about a 85/80 waver guy. – Still won’t shock me for Indiana to land him - But maybe won’t shock me as much either if he were to announce KU. - -Here is what was said:

    The outpouring of love for Romeo in New Albany is a big reason why the family decided to schedule the announcement for Monday and open it up to the public. While there has been speculation that scheduling a public announcement could bode well for Indiana’s chances ( considering many New Albany fans are also Indian fans ) It might be wise NOT TO READ to much in that decision. - - - - - point taken here I think is trying to be made is: Just because the family decided to make it open to the public doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lock it’s going to be Indiana.

    Romeo said I don’t think it is going to be a negative reaction IF I don’t pick IU Langford said. I think they will support me either wherever I go ( hmmmmmm why would he say that if it was a 100 % lock for Indiana? - why would he even mention that? ?

    Tim Langford said it probably would of been easier to announce the decision on Instagram ( - you think that this actually might of been a possibility ? ) -Another reason to do that if it’s another school then IU. - -After talking it over with Romeo and New Albany coach Jim Shermon the Langford’s decided it would be a natural to make the announcement in front of the same fans who watched him win a state championship and compile a 100-10 record. This is not saying that he is committing in any way to IU just to do it for the fans who watched him for his four years in school.

    You can’t please everybody Tim Langford said. You control what you can control ( you put this with his statement how this was going to be a business decision- -kind of like Romeo’s decision is going to be what’s best for Romeo and while we love the Indiana fans – doesn’t necessarily mean Romeo lands at IU . You put that statement with this that Tim Langford said : - - - -Doing it in public , that is just to show our appreciation of a great four years at New Albany. ( just like just because it’s a public announcement open to Indiana fans doesn’t mean that is where he lands. ) He ( Romeo ) wanted to do something different and allow the fans to be a part of it. - -THEN THIS - - - -As far as pleasing all of the fans? You aren’t going to do that no matter what you do. - - -Now does that sound like a guy that is a 100 % rock solid choice to commit to IU ?

    At the Nike Hoops summit he attended a Portland Trail Blazer game he was with Quinten Grimes the two talked about the NBA Watching the game with Quentin and it was like we could be out there in a couple of months. - -It seems more realistic now - -( hmmmm let’s remember Quentin & Romeo pretty thick - -I’m just not 100 % sure anymore some interesting things said by the Langfords. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Don’t do this to yourself jb.

  • @jayballer73 Yeah…I read the same article and it was a little interesting to me too. If you read what dad, mom, sisters, and even Langford himself…it’s a little disconcerning for IU. They don’t seem to be very pro-IU. They seem to be saying he will make a decision and ‘fans’ shouldn’t be too concerned with his choice. They didn’t seem too convinced about his ‘gym’ announcement having much to do with IU. They said it was more for the fans that watched his high school career.

    The Langford’s then said it will be over, back to normal, and Romeo himself said, “no more questions.” This doesn’t sound too promising for IU. I agree, it doesn’t mean much for KU either, but if I had to guess, it doesn’t seem to be IU either. He has all but eliminated them.

    If it’s not KU, which I’ve always thought KU had a chance, it’s like Vandy. But not so fast, his relationship with Grimes is intriguing. Here is my worthless theory. He has admitted that he and Grimes are OAD, they will be playing in the NBA very soon. I believe he wants to make the most of his OAD experience. I’ve always said KU gives him the best chance to at least go deep again in the NCAA, and likely a favorite to win it all.

    Why go to IU or Vandy and waste your One And Only year in college? You go where your chances are maximized. IU and Vandy’s chances of a run are slim to none.

  • @truehawk93 Maybe he wants the Tre Young experience?

  • Mo Bamba wishes he could’ve gone straight pro says college was a waste of time.

    Shaka smh

    Wish Bamba would’ve gone to a better program…Don’t make the same mistake Romeo!

  • I vote for @jayballer73 's 15%!!

  • @truehawk93 True. From where I originally pulled this up another poster said: Doesn’t this article – these comments seem to be building things or don’t these comments seem to building things up for a let down for the Indiana fans? - after reading this if I were an Indiana fan I wouldn’t be feeling 100% confident, now again is it likely he lands there? - I still think more likely then not BUT - -this article from the Indiana Star sure had some interesting comments from the Langfords . - -Especially Tim saying you can only control what you can control – Plus about you can’t make everybody happy. - -To me that sounds like it’s pointed to the Indiana fans. -Plus with him and Quentin being pretty tight? - - - I just don’t know. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • T minus 3 days…

    Soon you will have your answer @jayballer73

  • @jayballer73

    The IU writers are trying real hard to spin Langford toward IU. They are willing him. They are trying to convince themselves, which proves they aren’t too sure.

    Even Vandy just came out with a desperate article about what Langford would mean for Vandy. All they could come up with was it would be Vandy’s #7,8,9 recruiting class ever.

    What? SO the standard at a bball school is to get the #7,8,9 recruiting class with 1-2 recruits? Not a NC? I’m sorry, if I were Langford, I would take that as an insult to my talent.

  • dylans said:

    Mo Bamba wishes he could’ve gone straight pro says college was a waste of time.

    Shaka smh

    Wish Bamba would’ve gone to a better program…Don’t make the same mistake Romeo!

    He seems like an observant kid. I think the Trae Young lesson has definitely caused him to pause. I agree…he could end up just like Young at IU or Vandy…which means…a wasted year.

    But hey, he’ll go to the NBA wherever he decides. His path is paved to the league already, just like Young.

  • Romeo Langford decision: What it means for Vanderbilt basketball

    Adam Sparks, USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee Published 6:00 a.m. CT April 27, 2018

    I read this headline and almost had a flyin’ come apart…these Indiana and Vandy writers are getting real desperate.

  • What time is the announcement??

  • @Fightsongwriter He already announced for Indiana.

  • Nevermind…Ugh! Long day at work.

    Horrible decision.

  • I never found out whether he pronounced his name Ro-MAY-oh or RO-me-oh.

    Oh well.

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