Frank driving the ball A LOT

  • Frank was an ineffective driver at KU early on as well. He’ll adjust. Hopefully the league gives him time to adjust.

  • Needs to add the floater to his game this offseason. And probably needs to work on changing his pace in the lane. He can blow by anyone, but doing it 1000 mph isn’t going to result in good shooting at the rim at that level. He needs to blow past his defender, and then slow down right about the free throw line and read the defense from there. If the Big man comes over to help, easy oop. If he doesn’t easy layup. If the defense does a full rotation, kick it out to a shooter.

    He needs to let the scoring mentality go and watch about 1000 hours of Tony Parker and how he uses pace to get himself and others wide open looks.

  • This is why I believe Devonte’ has a shot of sticking in the league. Graham is a much better passer and while not as quick as Frank he is more under control with his head up at all times. Frank tends to lower his head on drives limiting passing opportunities.

    It sounds like Frank needs to shoot more threes. I believe Devonte’ needs to work hard on becoming an elite defender and the rest should come more naturally to him. Hope they both stick around the nba for years to come.

  • I do not have much faith that DG will be able to carve out any sort of NBA career. I think he would be VERY successful in Europe, but he may very well end up wasting his best years in the U.S. chasing a dream.

    I just don’t think he can guard a soul. If I were him, and I got drafted in the 2nd round with no guaranteed contract, I would go play overseas. Of course his draft rights would be held by someone, but if he crushes it in Europe and proves he belongs in the league, he can parlay that into a guaranteed contract.