30 years

  • No not my life span. But Thirty years of KU being something great.

    1983-84 Second in Big 8

    84-85 Second

    85-86 1st

    86-87 Tied for 2nd

    87-88 3rd

    88-89 6th Just remember this place causeit’s the lowest KU has ever finished in the last 30 years.

    89-90 2nd

    90-91 1st

    91-92 1st

    92-93 1st

    93-94 3rd

    94-95 1st

    95-96 1st

    Start of Big12 play 96-97 1st

    97-98 1st

    98-99 2nd

    99-2000 5th Here is another number to remember it’s the worst finish in Big12 play.

    2000-01 2nd

    01-02 1st

    02-03 1st

    03-04 3rd

    2004-2014 1st x 10

    That’s 20 1st place finishes in the last 30 years of conference play. 3 different coaches.

    Give me one other major school that can say that.

  • @JRyman Lots of second and third place finishes, too. 3 decades of dominance.


  • @JRyman

    Correct me if I am wrong but in 1988, the year KU won the National Championship, KU finished 3rd in the conference and not 1st as you have it.

    KU lost to Kansas State in the second round of the Conference tournament and split their games during the regular season; KU beat Kansas State in the Elite 8 game. Kansas Sate had Mitch Richmond and a very good team that finished second in the conference ahead of KU. Oklahoma won the regular season and the tournament beating Kansas Sate in the finals.

    That finish got my attention because the year KU won the National Tournament, they had not won the regular season or conference championships. Oklahoma was the big dog that year.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You are correct I must have followed the wrong line of eye sight, but I fixed it and one other.

    Thanks for finding that.

  • Cannot be coincidence that I was born in April of 83. 🙂

  • Doesn’t this thread point out the obvious - KU needs someone else to emerge as a national threat in the Big XII on a consistent basis.

    This year the Big XII will probably have seven teams in the tournament. However, other than KU and Iowa State, they probably won’t have any teams seeded higher than 5. It wouldn’t be a shock if the Big XII had only one team in the Sweet Sixteen.

    I look at Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State as the realistic schools to start to emerge as consistent players on the national stage. ISU is another possibility, although their success is tied to Hoiberg, who could end up in the NBA before too long.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Oklahoma beat us twice that year-I still remember the score was tied 50 - 50 at the half of the championship game.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Wasn’t OU a run & gun team that year, more so than KU? And KU ran with them if I remember right.

  • We had our second basketball power right there for the taking … Louisville.

  • @brooksmd

    You are indeed correct. OU was the typical Billy Tubbs run and gun type of team lead by future 1st round picks Harvey Grant, Stacey King and Mookie Blaylock.

    Apparently Coach Brown wanted a slow game and the players decided on their own to run with OU and completely surprised them in the first half. The game slowed down in the second half and KU finally prevailed as we all know. Good times 🙂

  • @justanotherfan

    Iowa State and Oklahoma will continue to improve under Hoiberg and Kruger both very good coaches.

    Kansas State had a good thing going with Martin and now that Weber is there, he will have one or two years until he get his own recruits in and then it will rapidly go down.

    Baylor will continue to get top players (who knows why) but as long as Drew is there, thee will not be a factor; BTW, I noticed that lately the assistants are doing a lot more coaching during time outs while Drew just stands there, likely a reason why the teams is doing better. Drew is without a doubt the worst coach in the Conference and one that has wasted a lot of talent.

    Once its current top players are gone, OSU will be at best middle of the pack; Ford has proven to be an average coach at best, and a well below average leader.

    Barnes is a good (not a great) coach and Texas will have up and down season depending on recruiting.

    West Virginia has a lot of potential if they can get top players, Huggy, love him or hate him, is a very good coach and future hall of famer. If he can get good recruits to Morgantown, West Virginia will do well.

    Texas Tech will improve under Tubby but I don’t believe will ever be a contender; much like the other Teas schools, it is a football school first and foremost . TCU will continue to be what it is now, weakest team in the conference.

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