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  • SO, I had to take a couple days to process the loss. But Im back on again and wanted to post some quick thoughts.

    I loved this team this year, faults and all. Those guys were great. I think they overachieved in a big way!!
    It sucked seeing that last game be a loss and have to watch Svi and DG walk off the court one last time as Jayhawks. I’ll miss both of those guys. Clay Young too but not as nearly impactful to my emotions.

    I really hope Devonte picks up at least one post season award. He deserves it. Without him, we dont get near as far this season. Not close. Im betting that Coach Self will give him Mr Jayhawk.

    I cant wait until October and Late Night so we can all see the Final Four banner unfurled and hung in this teams honor. I hope they make a new montage video for it. They have to use Aerosmith’s Dream On. Song gives me chills every time I hear it.

    I am excited to see where SVI and Devonte end up as pros. I hope one or both of them get onto teams with former Jayhawks on them.

    I am equally as excited to see how this summer pans out in terms of who comes back and whether or not we get one more top recruit, (Langford).
    Either way, those guys are gonna be stacked next year!!!

    I asked @Jesse-Newell a question on twitter and he featured it in his article about the next season that he posted the other day on the KC sports website for the Jayhawks. I asked him his way too early opinion on what he thought our next season starting 5 would be. Pretty cool to see that.

    To double down on the excited for next season with how our team will be stacked. Most assuredly we will see Coach Self return to a two big three guard line up. I am betting that our defense will return to top 10 form after being less than stellar the past two seasons. I mean, per Kempom, this year we were 42 in D and last year I think we were in the 30s. So yah, to see those numbers go back into the top 10 would be great.

    Now, our offense, that is another unknown, but I dont see any reason to think that we wont have guys that can stretch it and shoot from 3 like we did this year. Not as many, I know. But still, imagine if all our guards and one or two of our bigs next year show some range and upper 30’s percentage? I can see it. And, Im betting Self doesn’t completely do away with the four guard line up. Not entirely.

  • My excitement for next season is through the roof! I took a trip back in time to the 2010-11 team which had Robinson, Morris, Morris, and Withey. They averaged as a whole 40.7ppg and 24.1rpg that year. If you take next years group of guys (Doke, Lawson, Lawson, De Sousa) and calculate a per40 using their combined stats you get 38.8ppg and 22.96rpg. That is assuming that no one got any better over the last year?

    That 2010-11 team didn’t have a guard that averaged double digits, no big name guards, and to be honest Morningstar, and Reed would ride the pine behind our rotation guards next year period. As a team in 2010-11 they averaged 81ppg so their guards averaged 40.3 by committee. If you take Moore, Vick, Garrett, and Cunliffe’s and combine them for next year you get 86mpg and 29.5ppg. That leaves 34mpg for our 5star guys to get another 10.5 points to match our 2010-11 teams production (which was 5th in the country that year).

    Now using advanced metrics with the incoming 5 star freshmen and Kick ass transfers. You get an increase in minutes from the new guys and a lowering of minutes from our current leftover roster you get a total Production of…


  • @Statmachine I actually think the ppg and rpg will be much higher for those 4

  • @Fightsongwriter IDK? The Morris brothers, Robinson, and Withey were no scrubs.

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