Let's play at our pace.

  • https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/kansas-is-the-only-final-four-team-playing-modern-basketball/

    Despite taking an enormous 47.1 percent of their shots from beyond the arc, Villanova has not pushed tempo: The Wildcats rank 225th in the country in average length of offensive possession, at 17.8 seconds, according to KenPom.com. Michigan ranks 311th at 18.7 seconds. And Loyola comes in 285th at 18.4. It makes sense for Loyola to slow pace, since underdog teams are best served by minimizing possessions and leaning on variance to carry them over more talented opponents. But a team like Villanova, more talented than nearly all of its opponents, would be better off maximizing the number of shots taken by both its own players and its opponents. Talent wins out over time.

    Kansas has maintained a standard brisk tempo over the past several seasons, ranking in the top 100 and often the top 50 in the nation since 2013 by KenPom.com’s average offensive possession length. (The Jayhawks rank lower on overall tempo because their defense typically forces opponents late into the shot clock, which is a good thing for a defense to do.) This season, Kansas is at 16.5 seconds per offensive possession, 76th in the country and miles ahead of its Final Four competition, making it the only program remaining that’s playing by the modern guidelines for overdogs: Push pace and shoot threes.

  • Damn good take on this momentous eve.

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • That, I did not know. That is good knowledge and surely that info will have already been brought to coach Self’s attention.

    Odds give us what, 27%?

    Haters gonna hate, doubters gonna doubt.

    See ya’ll at game time

  • We play better when we play fast.

  • Dg faster than stubby

  • Boy was I wrong. Nova established a pace faster than our pace for the season by getting open looks early in the shot clock after we got lost on switches.

  • @approxinfinity Funny I was just thinking about all the shots ‘nova made late in the clock…it didn’t matter early, late they made it.

  • @dylans true. They got both. 😕

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