Who is going to San Antonio?

  • I think I’ve told you all that I worked for 31+ years with the brother (an attorney) of Dr. Jeff Randall (one of the team surgeons). Last year after the loss to Oregon, he promised me a ticket if we got to SA. After I retired in July, from time to time I would check in with him and once sent him a photo posted by D. Beatty that showed a picture of his nephew (his namesake - Preston Randall) going off to the Navy Seal program. SO, after we beat Duke I texted him and he responded how much fun that was. Dr. R and his wife get 2 free tickets and then he gets an extra 6. So when Preston and I talked on Monday, he said he had to find out if their mom/dad were coming from AZ and that he would call me back. So last night getting ready for bed I had been kinda bummed all day because I still hadn’t heard from him and thought that meant bad news, and wanted to text him all day to say “Go ahead and give me the bad news”, but he called at 9:50 and said I was in!!! I am so pumped. His other brother and 2 of his kids are going, along with me and Preston, and then his wife (who has a commitment already and won’t go to the game) is going to come down to SA separately with their daughter to have lunch and the daughter will stay with us while she goes back to Austin for a Deppak Chopra (sp?) show and their daughter will ride back with Preston and me. I am going to meet him at his house at 8:00 am so we can get down there to enjoy the atmosphere. That makes for a really long day, but I am so excited to experience it all. Rewind to 2011 when we were down there and we were right there in the team hotel and had all the connections. We will be doing the same thing here. The tickets are for all 3 games, so when we win, I am also in for Monday’s game too!

    So, anybody else going to be there that I could run into?

  • See you on Monday! 🤞

  • I’ll be there, but doubtful my seats are anywhere near where yours will be. I’m also only going for the Saturday games because I can’t take Monday and Tuesday off of work. Had to buy them off of a 3rd party site, but only ended paying about $225 a ticket for the Saturday games when they were peaking at around $300 on Stubhub.

    Also was able to secure a hotel north of the airport for about $125 when I bought my ticket. Houston is a little too far for me to make safely after the game Saturday night.

  • If I hadn’t left Baton Rouge for Chicago I’d be there Monday night…

  • Anyone who is looking for tickets go to https://www.primesport.com/d/ncaa-mens-final-four?national-championship cheapest ff4 tickets (they start at $84 for the Championship game)

  • I have to go to Houston for work next week so if they play Monday I may end up heading over.

  • God bless you. What wonderful news. Now, there might be 70k people there, so we’re going to need for you to cheer extra loud, as you are our KU Buckets representative. Have a wonderful time!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Great news! Cheer extra loud, as it appears you and Rockk Chalk will be our onsite Bucket persons on the spot. Have a great time!

  • I had booked a hotel in SA but I’m going to LFK instead. I don’t want to miss the party on Mass. Going to watch the game at the Fieldhouse. Have fun!!!

  • Another Bucket attendee is myself & 17 year old son & future Jayhawk. We’re sitting in lower section close to KU bench, but probably still a long ways from court.

    Attended my first Final 4 in 08 in San Antonio & it was/is still a bucket list memory etched forever. Attended with best friend (also attended New Orleans in 12). Now, I get to experience with my son.

    Nothing like a Final 4. I am amazed at the # of college hoops fans that attend, that do not have a vested interest in any participating team - just college hoops fans that love the game. We ran into a ton of them.

    Best memory of 08 San Antonio; standing along the river walk w thousands of Jayhawk faithful on Monday of title game, the Jayhawk band comes down the river on tourist boat playing, “I’m A Jayhawk.” Across the river is Derek Rose & Rev Jesse Jackson & other Memphis supporters. They looked amazed at all these Jayhawks singing & drinking & celebrating. This was like 6 hours before tip. It was Jayhawks Heaven, for literally all day.

    Looking forward to new memories and exciting games & atmosphere. Rock Chalk!

  • I’ll have to watch the games from Big Sky Montana as we go to visit our son, woe is me!

  • @wissox Jesus just left Chicago! And He’s bound for New Orleans…

  • Been listening to some feed from our local Radio station. Devonte was mentioning when asked how he felt about playing a final four basketball game in a 70,000 football stadium. - he responded by saying he wouldn’t be surprised to see a few air balls for the 1st couple of minutes of the game.

    They only get 50 minutes of practice time to get acclimated with the court and surrounds today - so ya probably some pretty straight up truth in what he said. - So be ready my friends.

    Jaylen Brunson feels they have an advantage from being here before-- - -could be right. - - it’s getting closer I’m so ready.

    Some media are coming down on Sister Jean and all the attention she is getting. - saying things like " why aren’t you focusing on the teams more ? - - " - - -Why are you bringing GOD into this ? " - I understand that to a degree BUT come on guys I mean seriously - - every final four has some kind of a story , and no matter what they still are a Cinderella story even though they have proven to be pretty good. - -What’s it hurt to let this school have their one shining moment? - -your whining because of people brining GOD into this ? - glad I’m not you. -just let her have her time -she is their good luck charm - -no harm - -no foul. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I tried, every flight i checked from KC to SA was sold out. Oh well, plan to watch the NC game at hoops heaven, aka AFH

    @wissox We went to Big Sky last summer fly fishing. It is gorgeous!!

  • Don’t even care if I’m in the Loyola section, holy crap this is awesome being here!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Say hi to Sister Jean

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