Clint Bowyer Wins for the first time since 2012

  • Nice week for us Kansans as NASCAR driver and Emporia native Clint Bowyer was able to win the postponed nascar race today. Oddly enough Bowyers last win came the last time KU made the final four. Bowyer himself is a KU fan and claimed they tested his heart Sunday evening with the win over Duke. In his post race press conference he lobbied his wife to go to San Antonio and keep not only his but the Jayhawk momentum going, but was unfortunately shot down lol. I thought it was a cool story, I actually have met Clint several times and he’s a pretty cool dude.

  • I am not a NASCAR guy, but pretty cool.

  • @kjayhawks ya I saw that. - -he wife added this morning told Clint they were on vacation Saturday. - Said this morning though she is not that mean lol. - -said if KU makes the championship Monday he can go lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY