Hey your local troll boy here

  • Hey guys it’s me and we all know I troll - -read other teams boards-- -especially Kentucky. – -Soooooo let’s have fun with this one let me here you just for giggles and grins. - -OK the scenario was reading and ran across this thread from a Kentucky fan it read- - - -So who are your final four teams now? There had been 59 responses when I read it. - So here is what I would like to see - - see your guess to this. - So out of the 59 response to this thread how many Kentucky posters do you think had us ( KU ) going to the final four? - - no cheating just give me your guess - I’ll let you know the result - -let me hear you. - Remember this is a Kentucky Board - - READY? – - - GO - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • How bout one or two? And, the vast majority of them said that KU is over rated, the Big 12 is over rated, yada yada yada UK hoops is the kings crown of Div 1 bball

  • not even 1

  • All 59 of them lol

  • So I had to peek at the board you are speaking of. I read another post about who is the most overrated team left in the sweet 16 and KU was mentioned lol. Another poster said KU is 10-1 against teams left in the Sweet 16. We probably only beat all 10 of those teams by a combined 20 pts. I just hope we can win the next four games by a combined 8 pts! A W is a W!

  • @jayballer73 which site is it? I’d like to check it out too.

  • @Statmachine - -Shame on you lol – I said no peeking lol.

  • If you go to Rupp Rafters that’s where it is at. - -but anyways I was surprised - - that out of the 59responses there was 19 that said KU would be in the final four – and actually not really any of those had any smart ass remarks. - Kind of surprised me - -I didn’t think they would give us any credit at all lol. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73

    Maybe they are hesitant to criticize KU since it already beat UK earlier in the season?

  • None.

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