Obnoxious Fans

  • In response to Pete Grathoff’s KCStar post “Kansas lands on list of most obnoxious in college basketball” http://kuhoops.com/ku-basketball-news/205491129/

    West Virginia’s booo bird’s are obnoxiously the worst in the Big XII. While watching a large sample of games and hearing their fans react to officials, collectively West Virginia fans simply do not understand what is actually happening in the game of basketball.

    Oklahoma is second worst because they generate great teams from time to time and their season ticket holders won’t generate enough support to show up for conference home games if it isn’t on a Saturday against an interesting opponent. It’s a poor venue during week days. It isn’t football and football is what they do. They can have a top 20 team they could support and simply won’t show up. They seem unable to give their tickets away to any one in the community who might care. Oklahoma fans are worse than KU fans because they lack the passion, support and effort when the team could use it, deserves it.

    Texas has the third worst fans. First, they thought they were so special that they deserved their own ESPN channel while diminishing the collective power of Big XII schools. Then, they created a toxic environment where they got rid of Rick Barnes and in replacement they now get to endure the diminished reign of Shaka Smart.

    Kansas State fans wished they were on the list ahead of Kansas fans. Unfortunately for Kansas State fans, their team does not win enough, thus no one cares about how obnoxious Kansas State fans are.

    If interested, here is the most obnoxious list: https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/worst-college-basketball-fans

  • @KJD I enjoyed the article. I assume the commenters never previously have been exposed to hyperbole-based comedy and satire.

  • I haven’t read the link yet, but Kentucky and Duke better be ahead of us…

  • @KJD OK. I can handle where they put us on that list.

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