Another streak continues

  • Since 2007 we’ve been able to win our first game of the tourney.

    Since 1984 in fact we’ve won the first game of the tourney all but 3 times, the two killer B’s, and the probation year.

    To put it another way we have been eliminated by a sweet 16 team or better all but 3 years since 1984.

    First round record since 1984 32-2 if I counted correctly. Not sure how many teams, if any can match that. I think Duke and UNC have danced each of those years except their one they didn’t, and I know Duke had two recent 1st round stumbles. UNC I remember at least 1 first round loss in that time. Kentucky has missed the dance a few times I believe.

    Now let’s win five more for a change!

  • Gotta be that sweet home turf advantage!

  • @DanR

    “Shockerville?” lol

  • KU brings basketball to Wichita on Saint Patrick’s Day! lol