I Tried To Tell You

  • I didn’t get to 82% accuracy by steering you wrong. Now we have a very serviceable back up to Doke, with Mitch playing the energy guy role. Yes, it took awhile, but we got there just in time. Silvio appears from Door number 3, and now our huge, glaring weakness doesn’t seem nearly as bad as it did. We’re the number 1 seed in the Midwest…lets make some noise, lets cut some nets down, and make it to the Final Four. RCJHGKU.

  • Team of destiny status achieved

  • Silvio 16 & 10 on 8 of 8 shooting from the floor.

    Get Doke back and we’re starting to get all our pieces.

  • They beat every team in the tournament by double digits. During the season, they didn’t have enough of a bench to do anything other than take the lead, and save their energy for the next conference game. This led people to underestimate our team, which is a mistake. Just wait until they get into the Final Four- they’ll think it was fluke…lol.

  • I hope

  • Once again Coachl pushes the right buttons. In Bill We Trust!

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