West Virginia Mountaineers - 5 pm - ESPN

  • Will Huggy get a Technical?


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  • I don’t know but for me , I personally feel better about this match up then us against Texas tech. – Why? - - well mainly if you know West Virginia at all - - -and watched or have seen them this year - -West Virginia goes through stretches and at times long stretches really struggling to score. - Plus a lot of the time their offense consists of Javon Carter dribbling at the top of the key for like 30 seconds of the 35 clock and then trying to force in the lane only to end up throwing it out and then they throw up some jock shot - the big reason they stick close in times like these is because of their rebounding - they put it up on the glass and then just go get it and make a play.

    Texas Tech I feel actually is more athletic - -West Virgina’s press really hasn’t cost us a lot this season - -we have done pretty decent against it. - Plus over all I feel we match better against WV then Texas Tech - they have a mis match tonight with Konate but I feel we match up beter with them - -we shall see. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Watching this game in Spanish to avoid the English commentators. :joy:

  • By which I mean Fran.

  • 👀 Looks like Power & Light 💡 is ready to Rock Chalk. This is what we do boys-at Kansas we win championships. And Damned If Mitchell don’t get the start. Time to shine guys. Go get it.

  • No answer for Konate.

  • Or malik

  • Some D

  • That was funny.

  • What if Silvio is a complete badass?

  • Silvio was just a month off. What a great kid- man child!

  • Nice dunk by DeShoota

  • Thank goodness we have Mitch, but DeSousa wow!!!

  • I hope konate goes pro he’s a punk

  • Garrett always 1-2

  • Looked like a foul to me on vick

  • So Vick wasn’t fouled there? lmao

  • Poor Vic, embarrassing missed dunk

  • Yea garret will need to work on FTs if he wants to lead us next year

  • My grandma can outrebound mitch

  • @BeddieKU23 Send her out there to punk Konate

  • Is Graham sick? He looks off

  • These refs sure had a nice whiskey with Huggins before the game

  • Lots of dumb plays in transition. Bad, bad, bad

  • Graham is all me me me me

  • Newman, Newman, Newman… where are you MOP Newman?

  • Could have lobbed it for De Sousa but no

  • Buster 1926 said:

    @BeddieKU23 Send her out there to punk Konate

    Punch him the face would be request number one

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Graham is all me me me me

    More dumb plays

  • Why are we trying to dunk over konate? Stupid. Plain stupidity

  • Fuck these refs

  • Can’t win if you don’t score and we ain’t scoring

  • Fuck these refs

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Fuck these refs

    Literally calling nothing on WVU it’s insane.

  • Just called a foul and NewMan scores, nice

  • Another foul called, nice

  • Fran said drather

  • Not playing smart at all. Can’t let Konate play one on one every time down. That’s not going to work. Zone second half.

  • Not playing as a team it’s clear as day

  • Big bully has 2

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Not playing as a team it’s clear as day

    Too much hero ball.

  • Have to play thru the rim here with punk face with 2 fouls

  • @BeddieKU23 If Doke did the things Konate has done already he’d have 6 technical fouls.

  • DeShoota makes em pay for konates foul, and another wv foul, nice

  • And one more on Svi miss for DeShoota

  • And a steal now too, liking this kid!!

  • Silvio vs the world.

  • Bad misses by Svi. But tied up

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