The ying and yang of KU Basketball

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    A part of me wants to believe this KU team is about to open the door of greatness. Yet looking at things from a in the now view? Not so good. Doka is hurting and isn’t going to play in the Big 12 tournament. That all but assures a early exit from the tournament. No Doka = a very average KU team.

    The Doka Knee injury really has me worried. No Doka spells doom in my eyes. How serious is it? Can he play in the tournament that counts? Too many questions.

    Right now I need a True KU poster to tell me everything is alright. Cause I’m feeling right now that Coach and KU laid everything on the line to win the regular conference championship.

    Help me?

  • I’m a False KU Poster but: Every little ting gon be alright.

    The flower of hope will once again blossom in the Fall.

  • Maybe Vick will get out of his funk…

  • Just like when Embiid went down. Hard to see a happy ending here. (I won’t even mention a certain magazine cover curse here)

    But… on the other hand, I was ready to write these guys off a couple times earlier this season too and they showed me they have a lot of grit. If everyone else puts on their big boy pants, we just might be surprised.

    It ain’t over til it’s over.

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