Devonte just name 35 minutes ago

  • Sporting News 1st team all American - -and one of the finalists for the Bob Cousy award - -that’s worth some atta boy’s - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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  • @jayballer73 Yah, that’s actually pretty cool to see D’tae get some post season love from the awards. I hope he gets at least one of them. Very tiny chance he sweeps them like Frank did last year.
    The competition for said awards is just too spread out this year and Nobody could beat what Frank did last year. I mean, the best PG in KU history imo.

  • jayballer73 said:

    Sporting News 1st team all American - -and one of the finalists for the Bob Cousy award - -that’s worth some atta boy’s - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

    That’s one of the reasons he came back for his senior year. To have a great team you have to have a great point guard and we were blessed again this year.

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  • Another area Lonnie failed the boy was communication skills.

  • @wrwlumpy what a piece, Lon failed on several levels, tact a big one!

  • Buster 1926 said:

    @Crimsonorblue22 Why expect a KSU jock grad (Kruger) to act differently? Kruger sucks as a coach & always will. Here’s the crybaby copy Waaaah.

    Even the picture shows how he fouled countless times to get to the basket.

  • Man, I hope we play OU in the B12 tournament

  • I truly believe Trae regrets not picking Kansas. Although they were on better respective teams Michael Beasily and to a bigger extent Kevin Durant tried to destroy us at the Fieldhouse. I think he dreaded that game and the atmosphere overwhelmed him. Not only did his chance at CPOY end that night but maybe NPOY as well. But let’s face it he made the same mistake everyone else made. They bet against Kansas and LOST.

  • He sure is full of himself. A little humility would endear him to a lot more fans instead many see him now as just another spoiled jock. Sad.

  • That Young is kind of an A hole.

  • I mean, he did say it was “gods plan” that he be the one who leads OU to break KU conference streak.

  • Trae’s argument is somewhat true. If your argument that he shouldn’t be CPOY because his team didn’t win enough games, the best player on KU’s team should have been CPOY for the last 14 years. If anything, he’s giving KU props by saying if the rationale for not naming him player of the year is winning, KU has won, so their guys should get the award.

    I take it as a compliment more than disrespect.

  • @justanotherfan sorry can’t buy that! Coach should be COY then? Trae young should be team of the year by ESPN.

  • I just really don’t see how anybody could think Young would be NPOY. - I mean he can’t even make Big 12 player of the year little lone NPOY. – - -he doesn’t stand a chance - - it is more then likely Brunson - -much more deserving. - -player on a team that was ranked # 1 for a lot of this year much better player - -tougher - -doesn’t talk shit - just goes out and gets it done. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Buster-1926 Last Night even though Trae made some really sweet passes- - there was times during the game and especially during a critical part when OU was trying to make a comeback I think they actually pulled within 4 at a couple different occasions right?

    Trae came down and made or took some very poorly timed - -very ill advised low percentage shots. - -You know the one’s I’m talking about some of those patented 35 footers where it was like one dribble shoot or heave more like it - - taking some forced drives through the paint - -like going one on three - -at critical times he just went brain dead - -very poor decision making.

    His team mates didn’t do him any favors I mean what did James end up with? - -2 points? - - - McNeese - -nothing - -Doolittle - what ? - -squat. - yet they were making a comeback and Trae taking the wrong type of shot at the wrong point and time of the game - definitely a momentum killer when you jack up a shot like that