Fun with signatures

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    Contrast Sam’s heavy sig #3 dead center under the Kansas taking quasi ownership for the team to Udoka’s light signature in the top left #35 soft hands perhaps?


    another case for Dok’s soft hands, lightest signature I have - perhaps a bit introverted? Devonte’ top right #4 has a pretty, flowing signature. Looks like an 18th century general’s sig. 🙂


    Svi has moved in on ownership of Kansas as well. He started signing several inches above the Kansas and has moved closer each year, now signing right on top.


    Bill always signs the Jayhawk. Takes ownership, but isn’t bigger than the program. Roy Always signed above Kansas like it was Roy Williams’ Kansas Jayhawks.


    In all fairness Roy has a pretty and thoughtfully clean signature much like Larry Brown.


  • Yes, I bought the 2017-18 KU signed ball before it was cool. 🙂

    (Actually after the ASU loss, yikes)

  • This is the first year since 2009 I haven’t taken my kids up to the game to have all of players sign. I’m regretting it big time. Maybe I can buy one on ebay?

  • @Blown I think I picked mine up at but they appear to be sold out. Rallyhouse Allenfield house usually has them, but doesn’t ship (might be worth calling to check on availability or if they know of a place that ships). If you do buy one on ebay make sure it has the date on the ball like the above do. Those are the official university issued team signed balls - others are potientally fake or missing players.

  • They just signed some yesterday

  • @Blown Yea you can buy them online. They sign probably 500 at the beginning of the season and then 200 or more throughout the season. Don’t gawk at the price. Pretty much nobody makes a true profit off of it which is why they have to price it so high.

    I used to work for the KUStore/

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