Kelly Oubre

  • Has started to carve out a nice career already. Up to 28 minutes a night this year. He has steadily improved every year and looks to me now like a solid replacement level type NBA wing. He would have been a beast for us had he stayed a 2nd year. The Wizards are rolling along without John Wall.

  • Oubre is still the 6th man but he is playing and delivering starter minutes. He is still flying under the radar and carving himself a nice career.

  • I would move on from JW if I was Washington. All this has proven is that he still can’t shoot well enough to stretch the floor and he inhibits everyone else who seems to gel better together.

    They could probably trade him for an absolutely monster haul too. I’m sure that someone in the top 10 would trade them 2 1st rounders and a decent player for JW.

    But, I am glad to see Oubre stay in the league. His next contract will likely overpay him.Which is fantastic.

  • Highlights had Embiid draining a three over Oubre last night in a 76ers loss. Embiid makes Oubre look tiny.

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