That was nice

  • Boy, what a night huh? - -I mean we came out from the tip and pretty much tip to final buzzer just kicked ass. - This game was just a plain old good fashion ass kickin.

    You know what? - -Re-watched the game this morning and it was just as much fun if not more then when they were actually playing the game - and we won - -AGAIN by the same score too lol.

    To me there were so many positive things to take away from this game. - -I mentioned after the WV game that I thought we were starting to turn the corner - - now I know we are.

    So many things: - - - Doke even though he didn’t put up huge numbers10 points 8 rebounds and 3 blocks - -he is becoming a real presence inside. - - - Mitch: - dam man how active is this kid? - just brings so much energy - -again he will not ever be a super star - -but he just brings it every time out. - -I mean that sequence where the guy just gets 3 blocks like BAM - - BAM - -BAM and then the flush - - mercy.- - -In my wildest dreams I would of never imagined him being that kind of a shot blocker love the kid. - Remember how there were lots of us who shivered at the thought of him stepping on the floor? - - - Again though - what a perfect time for him to red shirt next year - -imagine how he might help after his redshirt.

    Then we have De Sousa . - -Can we all say HELLO SILVIO? - -Can you imagine? - - I mean yes it’s ONE GAME but ya think the light has come on? - it’s slowing down for him - - -Just imagine how big he can be for us down the stretch & post season/NCAA time - his added presence is huge. - -the kid is going to be really good I think.

    Then when we have all the guys on the same page - -and we hitting the 3 like we did last night - - look out when we click like we did last night - -we can be really good. - I think Vick has come out of his lil slump - - Malik seems to be playing better - -Devonte is Devonte - - & SVI - – ya. - when this team is focused - I really like this team – -ALOT- - oh ya them we have Garrett - really good D and great hands seems really quick - maybe we can have some success in the NCAA after all. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Count this as another win brought to us from Sherron!

    He inspires our guys, in a big way!

    Huge shout out to my man Sherron! Love you, bro!

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