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  • I’ve heard Dedric has about 50+ different ways to score in the post. Dotson off the bounce. Grimes in general. KJ junking it up on D and inside. I’m ready.

  • I though the post was about the latest Sheahon Zenger no-no

  • @JayHawkFanToo fire him. No #CBS

  • Bwag said:

    @JayHawkFanToo fire him. No #CBS

    I don’t know what the latest no-no is, and l don’t care. Fire him!

  • @Gunman

    Every thing he does is a no-no. I have been in favor of firing him for a long time.

  • Shay Zeng has a KU men’s basketball team coached by a BHOFer battling for first place during one of its leanest seasons.

    His hapless but rebuilding football program signs the 48th ranked recruiting class and so adds the roster depth needed to start winning some games in a weak B12.

    KUAD has MEGA endorsement deals that allow it handsomely to fund all its minor sports.

    KU Basketball infrastructure has been enhanced till its second to none.

    Some progress on fund raising for fix of white elephant football stadium.

    No big new scandals on his watch attributable to his hires.

    KUAD selling merchandise and concessions like crazy.

    No scandals or budget deficits for his new boss to worry about.

    One bad early season PPV deal that nevertheless covers the need and cost to promote minor sports to meet compliance and keep non revenue generating coaches happy.

    Donations keep rolling in.

    Butts in seats.

    Kids going to school.

    Could be a tough out.

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